2012 and the strength of Iraq's economic

Yasser Mutawalli
hours the number of fingers and spin clockwise to turn the last page of the year 2011, which culminated in tangible successes against the results of a shy but hopeful and encouraging to move forward towards economic reform is required. Renewed hope and consensus suggests that the year 2012 will be between Faisal went on stage and the stage hastily draw the desired path to overcome the economic challenges diagnosed paint a road map after the identified weaknesses. Combines most of the economists in the world that Iraq will emerge as the largest economic power, and these expectations loomed Ptbachireha in the headlines newspapers global economic quoted insights of experts and interested parties and stakeholders and their expectations for this role is expected.
So then, the picture is incomplete for Iraq and the economic role of regional and international, and this task requires providing the requirements of affordable and successful. achievements during the year 2011 in two important areas first heralds of the results of oil contracts and licenses reflected in a significant increase in oil production and by 400 thousand barrels per day, that the accounts were going in the right direction and the second is the ability of politicians cash to maintain the exchange rate stable of the Iraqi dinar over the year. What is the role of Iraq's next? here to return to ever start to see the experts in the world that Iraq will appear as an economic influence, this expectation embodied in the light of regional and international situation and of transfer of trade from Iraq and the global financial crisis and expectations of the collapse of the euro and others. Here we find the challenge to take bigger Bamadaminh need to pause and assess for this role and how to deal with him.
and performance requirements of this role Faw port and free economic zones and accepted by the infrastructure of the logistics support for these facilities and then reconsider the law of the national investment and expand its annexation Free Zones Authority and the Customs have to be integrated body and solid in its performance and cut off the overlap in the powers and unite the laws the law of one.
When that happens the investment revolution major development to accommodate all the challenges such as unemployment and the poverty line and the standard of living and the reconstruction and rebuilding of Iraq and alleviate the problems puppies.
challenges the prepared some great It may be really great But we believe the easiest solution if there is new administration planned and that the laws of an integrated economic legislation, accompanied by the rule of law. with all of the above also need to make informed economic culture experiments countries that managed to overcome similar challenges