Maliki announced the end of the withdrawal of foreign forces in the "on Iraq" / extended /
On: Sat 31/12/2011 17:24

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Nuri Kamal al-Maliki during the celebration of the large central, which was held in Baghdad, a label on atheist and the thirtieth of December, which marks the end of the withdrawal of foreign forces from all of Iraq, a national day as "on Iraq." .

Addressing the prime minister, according to his speech, and received the Agency (news) a copy of which on Saturday: the Iraqi people, saying: Blessed are you and you you raise the flag of Iraq on every inch of the soil pure and Taatouhdon under its banner, and Cesedkm this day pride and glory and pride, describing Iraq as is free and you deserve the masters, not only loyal people of Iraq maintain its sovereignty, unity and independence.

Maliki said that Iraq was able to get out of several difficult stages, the first dark period of the regime's dictatorial former Baathist and second, sectarian civil war .. and the third, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq, and the fourth Maamadana strongly by a reconstruction, construction and Ttoiralaguetsad and services.

And between: that Iraq had recovered politically, economically and security during the short period of time and in the presence of foreign troops on its territory, and despite all the efforts and plans that were still working because Iraq remains isolated and prone to wounds, the nation and its problems, Tashva that Iraq was preparing to lead a project Nhioya in political, economic, service, cultural and social aspirations and ambitions of the Iraqi people, who had long suffered from deprivation, injustice and oppression, He deserves all our sacrifices, and we are proud and honored that we are working to serve you.

The prime minister: that Iraq had made considerable progress in increasing our investments oil and high rates of production, export and we signed the four rounds of the licenses with major international companies, which tours the world recognized the fairness and efficiency, as we signed a contract to invest our national wealth in the area of ​​gas, which for decades subjected to burning and waste deliberate and unjust, and we are working in the footsteps of accelerated activation of the project National Housing and the allocation of funds to build housing complexes for the poor and compounds other residential low-cost to low income subsidized by the government, referring to access to advanced stages of completing the construction of power plants to address the shortage of electric power, to by contracting with major companies in a number of advanced industrial countries for the construction of railways, highways and port of Faw, airports, dams and re-structure factories, which were distributed between the private, public and private sectors, which witnessed a remarkable development and we will work to provide support and facilities for it, and make unremitting efforts to develop the agricultural sector which has seen growing rapidly in recent years.

Al-Maliki: We are serious about strengthening the role of women in society and State institutions to have a leading role in human development, economic, cultural, social, and respect for human rights, and we will work with all the power of the maintenance of public freedoms and respect for political pluralism, intellectual, religious, and ensure freedom of opinion and expression for all Iraqis of different affiliations and trends.

He stressed that Iraq, and for all get rid of the one-party dictatorship and the national one and the same community leader and the only .. Will not be after today, but for all its citizens, Arabs and Kurds, Turkmen and networks, Muslims, Christians, and Sabians Oyazdian, and that the Constitution and the law will have the final say in all issues, will override whatever the one above Aldstoroaleghanon.

Maliki said: The variance of political positions and the different views, we make a natural condition in our democratic system unless they turn into armed action and liquidations, assassinations, and that the disagreement on any issue must be resolved within the framework of the constitution, which is the only recourse for the start of building state institutions and strengthen the process and the advancement of the political process of building and construction, and remain under the roof of the supreme national interest of the people, beyond the accounts and the personal and factional interests, and stick to narrow the options would cause a serious security and stability.

The Prime Minister said: that Iraq is for all who believe in the political process and the experience of democracy, pluralism, freedom and peaceful transition of power, no place anymore for those who put forward in the political process and the other with the terrorist organizations, and the agenda of Foreign Affairs, Iraq, its people and its security and stability, sovereignty and interests of the upper red line can not be overcome Awaladharar by .

Regarding the U.S. withdrawal from the country, has between: The exit of foreign forces from Iraq had returned the country to its natural state, what makes the targeting of citizens and the army, police and security services and carry out any act of sabotage of state institutions and infrastructure is nothing but treason and the work of putting the perpetrators in the category of the enemy that working to continue to sabotage the implementation of the agenda of Foreign Affairs, and we will deal with the perpetrators, instigators and financiers at home and abroad, firmly and strongly and will face harsher penalties, and no longer after the day of argument or justification for any person or entity in Nbararamilit killed civilians, and encourage acts of sabotage, and we will pursue supporters of terrorist acts outside the country through the activation of arrest warrants in cooperation with the international police, and national duty requires the responsibility of everyone to do their duty to ward off the threat from Iraq and its people, but by the grace of our people enjoy peace and security.

He also addressed the Iraqis, saying: Bazimtkm that invincible discouraged schemes suspicious that they want to return Iraq to the eras of darkness and tyranny, discrimination, and Ahtemtem your will and solid forever, the agenda of Foreign Affairs, which was aimed at dividing Iraq and disrupt the social fabric coherent, this agenda of Foreign Affairs, which overlapped over Iraqi territory for more than in the suffering of Iraqis, and was most severe in some joints so that the occupation forces, he said: O people of Iraq in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil and Anbar and Salah al-Din, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk, Kirkuk, Diyala, Wasit, Najaf, Karbala, Maysan, Nasiriyah, Babil, Muthanna and Diwaniya ... You are far too high a price Yamen Dftm .. Blood and tears and destruction, you alone of you done to this historic achievement to be an extension of what made your ancestors and your fathers of victories in fighting tyranny and dictatorship and install the country's sovereignty and independence, you who Hmokhtm flag of Iraq to fly again on the ease and mountains, Hiabh and deserts, sky, water, you are now brotherhood of Tabon in one nation and Staidon home splendor and prosperity of your cooperation and your tolerance and your attachment to national unity.

The Prime Minister noted: that the system of the Baath dictatorship, which is responsible for the loss of Iraq's sovereignty since the invasion of the State of Kuwait by more than twenty years old and starting a war unjust with neighboring Muslim Iran, also bears historical responsibility in fomenting sectarian wars through its collaboration and coordination with al-Qaeda and armed groups and involving the country into a spiral of murder and genocide, Altadmaralamniz infrastructure to supplement what he has done since seizing power in a coup fateful one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight.

He stressed during his speech: that all the peoples of the world which have been occupied throughout history have received support and assistance with the exception of the Iraqi people who did not happen only to genocide Palmfajkhat belts and improvised explosive devices and Althgertaúfa, ethnic, everyone were with great regret, watching the body parts torn and blood, the Iraqi flowing rivers. in our cities from north to south.

And between: that Iraq, which had its universities and the Treaty of scientific and religious over the past decades, hosting students from various Arab and Islamic countries and graduated scientists and competencies in various disciplines, was to give back by invasion of the thousands of bombers heavily fatwas of the shadows and planning beforehand with the dictatorial regime to plant death and destruction in all Iraq's cities under the pretext of liberation from the occupation and the Iraqi people and a minor does not know his responsibility in the defense of his country.

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