Babylon Council Plan 2012 to restore the province to amend
On: Sat 31/12/2011 6:59

 Babylon - Muhammad Iqbal
Council discussed the province of Babylon, the investment plan for 2012 and that have been filed according to law by the executive government and the amounts allocated to the plan of 969 billion and $ 113 million after it has been debate about them by government departments and districts, counties and the Council decided to return to the province to make some adjustments.

The head of the province of Babylon, Kazem glorious Toman that Council held an extraordinary session to discuss approving the investment plan for 2012 filed by the province were held workshops with the directors of departments and committees of the Board to discuss the plan and concluded that the plan includes Mahromeh in some sectors and districts, counties and returned the plan to the governor for approval commensurate with the ratio of the population of the districts and areas.

For his part, Governor of Babylon Mohamed Messaoudi he and according to the law 21 of 2008 and the powers of the provincial council approved the plan filed by the governor and came to be discussed with the members of the Council and there was a group of proposals and views respected all and was approved on a section of the terms of this plan and the addition of strategic projects for was returned to the province for the purpose of audited in accordance with the standard density of population and trading with the directors of departments and heads of committees in the Council and the province and district managers and heads of municipal councils.

He said the plan would be good, especially in the centers of districts, counties and the county because he neglected not arise where strategic project which includes construction of three bridges of the task which is Mgesr door Hussein in which the momentum of the heavy traffic disrupts the passers-by and Mgesr the intersection of the mother and the Assembly which are a quantum leap in traffic and reduce the momentum traffic which will facilitate the smooth wheels and distributed the plan to the various sectors is the education sector was allocated 55 billion and 710 million more than 79 different projects to build schools and the wings of schools, stores, and health workers. also allocated for higher education 6 billion and 100 million for eight projects such as building classrooms and building sections, interior and set up the unity of desalination water has been allocated for the communications sector 3 billion and 788 million to build devices modern communications either the water sector has been allocated a $ 59 billion and 957 million for more than 27 projects including the project pools of water capacity of 500 m 2 and 200 m 2 and the replacement of transmission lines, water and the establishment of maintenance workshops and laboratories control and rehabilitation of Ice Water ancient either the municipal sector has allocated more than 275 billion for the dozens of projects, including construction of roads and rehabilitation of the entrances of Hilla, the four and the creation of parks, gardens and building Mgesrat four and the purchase of containers of different mechanisms and announcement designs River Jewish either electricity has allocated $ 140 billion and 585 million for the processing and implementation of plant secondary Alraranjih, closets, Shomali and switch generated the old and the purchase of converters, processing and lighting a modern across the province and rehabilitation of distribution transformers the old and the delivery of electricity to the city sports to be built and the establishment of mobile stations, electric and the number of projects in the plan for the electricity sector 28 projects with allocated water resources of the plan $ 10 billion and 520 million dinars to line scales more than 40 km in the province and building bridges pedestrian river sub-allocated plan for sector roads and bridges 194 billion and 917 million to more than 200 projects flooring throughout the province and set aside the committee charged to prepare the plan 11 billion and 618 million to (11) route strategically linking the province in the governorates and neighboring districts, counties and allocated to the provincial council 4 billion to build buildings of the districts, counties and rehabilitation of building the current Board as allocated to the local administration projects worth 49 billion and 100 million for land purchases and the establishment of electronic system of local and work vehicles tourist Babylonian and stalls Babylonian as allocated to the streams 13 billion and 500 million for five projects include the purchase of submersible pumps, generators and mechanisms and the creation of buildings in the districts, counties either the health sector, allotting him 42 billion and 945 million for the establishment of health centers and major health centers and building of the Centre for Diabetes and buildings of the emergency and the role of doctors and complete the building of cardiac surgery and the purchase of hardware scanner and the demolition and construction of health centers and the establishment of the unity of Hearing and Speech, Agriculture, allotting them 16 billion and 695 million to buy Greenhouses and purchase systems drip irrigation and the establishment of farms and the development of forests and bottling plant the seeds of wheat, and the airport project agricultural ventures and the other either urban planning allotting him 5 billion and 500 million either sport and youth allotting him 19 billion to build an Olympic swimming pool, halls and courts in the districts, counties either traffic has allocated 800 million The police have allocated 20 billion and 300 million for the construction of police stations and building systems, electronic surveillance and the purchase of sonar system to detect explosives, either of Tourism has allocated one billion and 500 million for restoration and rehabilitation of Palace of Babylon and the Babylon archaeological either culture was given a $ 13 billion and 500 million for the establishment of the Palace of Culture and Arts as devoted to the environment billion for setting up a sensitivity to water control and water units.

The Chief of the Planning Commission Princess Bakri was formed a working group from the beginning of the eighth month of the planning for the completion of the investment plan and in cooperation with the directors of departments and heads of local councils in the districts and areas where they were to report on the needs of each district and in terms of projects have been studied plan over 4 months with been coordinated with all of the beneficiaries of the plan was submitted to the Office of the province of Babylon.