Ali al-Maliki denies the accusation and the Minister of Health Saleh Hasnawi administrative and financial corruption
On: Friday 30/12/2011 15:13

Karbala (news) .. the chief of the Counter-financial and administrative corruption in the province of Karbala, Ali Shareef al-Maliki to have the face of an indictment or raise the corrupted files to the FBI concerning the Director General of Health Karbala former and former health minister, Dr. Salih Mahdi Hasnawi member of the current parliament.

Sharif said in a statement to the Agency (news) Friday: The comment I made got the confusion and misunderstanding when I said that those files that have been referred does not blame the Director of Health currently making journalists Iltpson about it and think that the intention is director of the former health, Dr. Salih Mahdi Hasnawi, which were not the case, or it means that the files had been signed in his time. He pointed out: The misunderstanding led to the development charge to the national figure has its place in global forums.

He reported: The Hasnawi was Minister of managers and collaborators with the local government in the search for the files of corruption and provide all the facilities and information and media calling for precision and caution and make sure to speak before thrown haphazardly on the others.

It was the media of different quoted Sharif al-Maliki as saying that the committee referred the files of corruption has been detected in the Department of Health Karbala governorate to the FBI and belong to the Director of Health Previous Mbria at the same time health director, Dr. Ala Hamoudi monastery made the media remember the name of the former director Dr. Saleh Hasnawi, who became minister of health is now a member of the Iraqi parliament. / End / 11. j. n /