National Bank of Iraq (Capital Bank) to achieve high growth rates in the banking business
Thursday, December 29 1 / December 2011 10:24

Constitution: Capital Bank announced its plan to open a section VIII of the National Bank of Iraq, during his visit in the name of Khalil Al-Salem, Chairman of the Bank to Iraq to see the location of the branch to be opened in the first half of next year in the province of Sulaymaniyah

The decision comes the opening of section VIII of the Bank, as a result of the factors motivating and financial results achieved by the bank for the current year 2011, which grew customer deposits since the beginning of the year until the end of November, including 82%, in addition to growth in total credit facilities by 33% during the same period.

On this occasion, speaking on behalf of Khalil Al-Salem, Chairman of Capital Bank's fourth-largest bank in terms of capital in Jordan, saying «our decision was the opening of section VIII of the National Bank of Iraq, pursuant to the Bank's expansion strategy in all Iraqi provinces and conviction economic opportunities in Iraq».

The idea behind the Salem branch of Sulaymaniyah responsibility requires us to make us do what we can to provide the best banking services for businesses large and small and medium enterprises and discerning customers, and innovative ways.

The peace that the relationship between Capital Bank and National Bank of Iraq that allows him to facilitate the service of all businessmen and traders in Jordan for the development of Jordanian exports to Iraq.

It is noteworthy that Capital Bank has accounted for 72% of the capital of National Bank of Iraq $ 100 million Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about $ 85 million, which is the bank of Jordan only present in Iraq through the National Bank of Iraq to provide excellent services to trade finance and banking services to individuals between Jordan and Iraq