Ahsan al-Awadi: next week will decide the order of Ministers of the Iraqi
On: Friday 30/12/2011 8:47

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the law of the State of MP / National Alliance / Ihsan Al-Awadi will be changed and the ministers of the Iraqi List, as it failed to ongoing contacts, noting that next week is the week will be decisive in this case.

He said Al-Awadi said in a statement (for the Agency news) Friday: that the ministers of the Iraqi List, were absent from the meetings of the Council of Ministers have been repeatedly warned not to be absent and does not have the text of the constitutional and legal to be absent, the Minister and his ministry as it will have Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have changed the if they insisted on the non-return or failed negotiations for their return.

He added that the State did not stop a person must walk out to serve the citizens and the absence of the Minister in the Ministry of means to disable the ministry and wants to paralyze the political process, it did not work and there are a lot of ways the legal and constitutional have changed the while by the Parliament and in the absence of conviction of Parliament have changed the will to appoint ministers by proxy.

As for the issue of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Awadi said: that the prime minister sent a request to parliament to substitution and it is up to Parliament to replace or stay in office.

The media advisor to Prime Minister Ali al-Musawi al-Maliki denied that had commissioned the other ministers in the administration of the ministries occupied by ministers of the Iraqi List, revealed the existence of contacts started on Thursday for the return of Iraqi ministers of the meetings of the Council of Ministers.

Moussawi said in an earlier statement (the news): The Prime Minister did not cost any Minister of management of any ministry occupied by ministers of the Iraqi List, calling the media to the expectation in the dissemination of news, the fact that such a news affect the political process, and the Iraqi street in general.
Al-Moussawi said: that some ministers attending the meeting of the Council of Ministers last week, while others leave request, and some of them were with the position of his list, and this does not constitute a problem but rather part of the democratic political life.

Revealed Moussawi contacts started today with ministers and leaders of the Iraqi List, for the return of ministers and Zrathm and the exercise of their work, and attend meetings of the Council of Ministers, and expected success of the communications or negotiations will be more in the coming days. / Finished / 2. N. R /