Interior did not receive the security file, although our potential high
On: Friday 30/12/2011 5:32

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Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior Ahmed al-Khafaji, the Ministry of Interior has the ability to save the internal security of the country in terms of individuals, institutions, and armed, and equipped. Khafaji said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency that "We, if we calculated all of these things are available in the Ministry of Interior, we can say that the security forces can hold the security file gradually."

The U.S. forces have officially completed its withdrawal before the deadline to leave the country, according to the security agreement concluded by the government with the United States in 2008 which provides for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country, the date does not exceed the 31 of December of 2011. He added that "the security file as a map now, security in Iraq in the hands of brethren in the Ministry of Defense and therefore the responsibility of the security file, however, the Ministry of Defense," noting that "the Ministry of Interior in coordination with the duties of brotherhood in the Baghdad Operations Command."

On the security source said an official at the Interior Ministry, Iraqi forces arrested on Thursday and Minister of Planning in the "Islamic State of Iraq", an al Qaeda militant in Baghdad.

The source, who declined to be named, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the security force arrested the Minister of Planning in the Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaeda called Jabbar Hamad and nicknamed (Abu suppliers) in the Bayaa area west of the capital Baghdad."

He added that "the process has been arrested after receiving intelligence information from high levels for entering and Minister of Planning Bayaa area."
And the adoption of the "Islamic State of Iraq" a few days ago a series of recent bombings in Baghdad on Thursday, killing 70 civilians and wounded 200 others mixed.

In addition, judicial authorities in the province of Wasit arrest warrants for the former commander of the regiment Scorpio for the rapid reaction leading to the spectrum of the emirate Majid and his brother officer in the Regiment, Lieutenant rapid response to a gentle background of the emirate on charges of criminal cases.

He said a security source told the Euphrates News that "the judicial authorities in Wasit province, issued arrest warrants for Major Majed al-Amara, who was the commander of the regiment the scorpion to a rapid reaction force in the province of Babylon in 2008, and his brother, Lt. Ali Amara, an officer in the regiment rapid response in Kut ".

The judicial authorities in the province of Wasit has issued an arrest warrant against their brother, commander of a rapid reaction force in Kut, the former submitted Aziz al-Amara on charges of murder cases and rape. "

He noted that "the security forces carried out a raid last night and searched for a home made Aziz and his brothers to arrest them but they were not present in the house during the raid an hour."

In Basra, the security forces dropped on Thursday, the arrest of a gang to kidnap women in the province of Basra.

He said Basra's police chief Brigadier General Faisal Al-Abbadi "The police force was able to on Thursday morning, from the arrest of a number of people belonging to a gang kidnapping competent doctors in the district of the governorate."

Abadi said, "This gang kidnapped a competent women and bargain for them in exchange for money."

In Anbar Operations Command maintain organized yesterday the first military parade that included troops from the army and police base in Habbaniyah, military air is the biggest since 2003 in the presence of the operational commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Aziz al-Obeidi, deputy commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq.

The commander of operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Aziz al-Obeidi in a speech during the review that the review's largest military parade held in the Anbar province since 2003 and so far, with the participation of forces from the two opinions first and seventh in the Iraqi army and police headquarters Anbar province, borders, and civil defense.

Obeidi said the review process to include some military vehicles and wheels that reached up to 300 in addition to the review mechanism for the infantry and border Kradis within the organization.

He stressed that the aim of this review is to highlight the readiness of security forces in Anbar province to maintain security and respond to any attack that targeted the security and integrity of Iraq.