State law: Maliki called Talabani to assume reins solution crisis
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Thread: State law: Maliki called Talabani to assume reins solution crisis

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    State law: Maliki called Talabani to assume reins solution crisis

    State law: Maliki called Talabani to assume reins solution crisis
    29/12/2011 14:40 29/12/2011 14:40

    Baghdad / Orr News
    The MP said the State of Law coalition Haitham Jubouri that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for by President Jalal Talabani to come to Baghdad and take the lead to resolve the political crisis.

    He Jubouri: "The political crisis began to breakthrough and political blocs Awaiting the coming of President Jalal Talabani, to Baghdad to take the initiative and gather the political parties to resolve the crisis, especially after the rejection of the existing Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for dialogue and rejection of National Alliance invited Nujaifi a meeting of the heads of political blocs, thus will President is qualified resolve current crisis. "

    Explained Jubouri: "that National Alliance suggested resolve crisis, said solved issue Vice President Tareq Hashemi via law and be is Faisal where, and Vice Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq apologize for remarks against Prime Minister Nuri Maliki or resign."

    Witnessing political process disagreements between coalition state law headed Prime Minister Nuri Maliki, and Iraqi headed former premier Iyad Allawi. And these differences increased unit after a request provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala provinces to form independent and Maliki's refusal to do so.And caused these differences obtaining political crisis, after decided Iraqi comments attend deputies ministers sessions House and Ministers, on background issuance arrest warrant Vice President leadership in Iraq Tariq Hashimi, sacking Maliki deputy Saleh Mutlaq leadership in Iraq also.

    Has called for House Speaker Osama Najafi initiative to contain the crisis, a meeting of leaders of parliamentary blocs, but the meeting did not take place. Then agreed Nujaifi and President Jalal Talabani in meeting combined under Sulaymaniyah to call a Conference broad national includes parties all resolve crisis.The President Jalal Talabani exists in Sulaimaniya since second of December ongoing.

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