Foreign investors: Iraq's economy will become the fastest growing in the world during the next decade
Thursday, December 29 / 1 December 2011 10:45

Twilight News / expected number of foreign investors, on Thursday, to increase foreign interest in Iraq's fledgling stock exchange next year after the main index jumped more than 30 percent this year, noting that Iraq's economy will become the fastest growing in the world during the next decade.

And renewed tensions within the Iraqi government immediately after the withdrawal of troops, raising the prospect of renewed sectarian conflict that pushed the country to the brink of civil war a few years ago.

Sharif said the official, Salim Abu Dhabi Investment Company he was "still interested in the Iraqi market and the outlook will not change because of what is happening now," noting that "the company is counting on investing more money at the beginning of next year when the open market."

For his part, Paul Bartel, a partner in the Northern Gulf Partners, which manages the Fund for Iraq 1 partners of the investment company that "Iraq will become the fastest growing economy in the world during the next decade and expect to be reflected in the listed companies in the country."

"It undoubtedly will continue to record net foreign purchases in Iraq in 2012."

Paul asked, "Where can investors find that the leading economic growth and wealth of resources at the post-war."

It is said that foreign investors who have registered net purchases in the local bourse this year, and bought shares worth 150 million dollars and argued that political instability and security concerns did not significantly affect their appetite in the Iraqi Stock Exchange.

The Iraqi Stock Exchange, although small compared Exchanges regional and other world has proven to be more robust in the face of the global economic slowdown as it is one of the few stock markets that offer enormous opportunities for growth.