50 men Kuwaiti business decide to work and invest in Iraq
29/12/2011 11:32

Baghdad, December 29 / December (Rn) - The Alkwyth Embassy in Baghdad, Thursday, 50 men for the decision of the Kuwaiti labor and investment in Iraq during the next phase, pointing to continued efforts to promote trade between the two countries.

The Kuwaiti ambassador to the insured, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "50 Kuwaiti businessman who decided to work in the Iraqi market, preparations are underway for their arrival to Baghdad for the purpose of access to trading markets and the laws governing the investment of the projects."

The Kuwaiti ambassador said earlier that his country began to develop administrative and legal procedures to facilitate the entry of Iraqi merchants to Kuwait, at a time when statistics indicate that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries reached $ 250 million in 2011.

And the insured that "there are five companies Kuwaiti official is currently working in Iraq, and there are efforts to raise the issue in order to promote trade between the two countries", pointing out that "Kuwait is seeking with the Iraqi government to build a relationship of strong economic based on mutual interests and to enhance cooperation and investment between the two countries ".

And re-open its embassy in Kuwait, Iraq in 2008 after nearly 19 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between the two countries, while the re-opening the Iraqi embassy in Kuwait in 2010.

Relations between Baghdad and Kuwait, a significant improvement in the past few years as it seemed to go beyond the implications of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the regime of Saddam Hussein in 1990, where both sides entered the formation of joint committees to resolve the existing problems between them, especially the problem of war reparations invasion of Kuwait, and the demarcation of the border, and the missing Kuwaitis, The joint oil fields, and others.