Preparations for the opening of Erbil market for securities early next year

29/12/2011 11:27

Erbil, 29 December / December (Rn) - the head of the Kurdistan Regional Market Stock Exchange (KSE) said on Thursday that the new year will see the activation of the work and role of the Erbil market securities.

And said Abdullah Ahmed, who is at the same time, the founder (Stock Exchange) Arbil, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that he "was scheduled to begin market Arbil Securities to exercise his works and activities during the year 2011, but the emergence of some of the obstacles, because of the action delayed activation of routine work (Exchange) Arbil to the beginning of next year. "

He noted that "the implementation of some routine procedures contributed to delay the opening of market Arbil Securities, except that all actions have now been completed and were mostly related to the approval of the federal government," noting that "the proceedings were delayed in Baghdad, and now has been completed all the steps required for the opening of the market."

Ahmed said that early next year 2012 will the opening of Erbil market for securities officially, and will be located in Erbil, Brosh itself.