Kamal Al-Maliki calls to visit Iraq

29/12/2011 14:20
29/12/2011 14:20

Cairo, December 29 / December (Rn) - The Minister of Housing and Reconstruction of Iraq Thursday he conveyed a message from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal al-inviting him to visit Iraq in the coming period.

And Cairo and Baghdad signed on Tuesday a memorandum of understanding to create and establish two Egyptian joint IRAQIS to transport and electricity generation.
Egyptian investors and plans to implement several projects in infrastructure and energy in Iraq. Iraq seeks to build its economy devastated by years of war, sanctions and neglect.

The minister said owner Mohammed al-Darraji in a press conference after his meeting with Ganzouri he made a call to a recent letter from al-Maliki's "started a new page of cooperation between the two countries and finish the outstanding issues, especially the yellow file transfers."

The Egyptian sources said on Iraqi assertions that Baghdad will pay dues of Egyptian workers before Ramadan this year but that the Iraqi authorities recently announced that they could not pay the wages due to lack of budget allocations in 2012.

Egypt says that the number of zero transfers of about 625 thousand due mostly simple regular employment.

The Iraqi Central Bank says that the $ 400 million in Egypt, Iraq, demanding wages for workers who insist "threaten" the Paris Club agreement.

But Darraji said that Iraq spent "a long time ago did not come, the former Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to receive."

"We talked (with Ganzouri) on the Egyptian labor to bring Iraq to the fact that Egyptian workers are known and preferred by the Iraqis in the stage of the eighties. Now we want to re-experience. Egyptian companies have a long tradition in the process of reconstruction and housing."

He said he spoke with Egyptian Prime Minister on facilitating the entry of the Egyptians in Iraq for companies, investors and the Egyptian private sector.

And on the volume of cooperation between Iraq and Egypt, he said Darraji "There is only one company operating in Iraq, the Arab Contractors. We seek to diversify the companies to be competing with each other within the Iraqi market."

He said that the investment budget in Iraq "very high" and can enter through Egyptian companies are welcome.

The total budget for Iraq in 2012 about 100 billion dollars.