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Formations and the Ministry of Interior in Diwaniya, the military parade

Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:46 GMT

Showing military formations and the Ministry of Interior in the province of Diwaniya was into local government and their representatives in Parliament is an important step to uncover the preparations to take over security in the province after the withdrawal of U.S. forces in spite of the confirmation of the local government the need for these forces to the continued training. Attorney for the State of Alquaon Abdul Ilah Naieli / ready to receive the security file after the departure of occupation forces from Iraq and the uncertain and Mottaganin that the ability to grasp the security file has become clear, was the arrest of several leaders of Al Qaeda and the Baathists. Diwaniya governor Salim Hussein / security services in constant evolution and all the security services need continuous training and by the county may be involved in this area is toward achieving this goal. commander of Diwaniya police Brigadier Majid Zuhairi / has become today's security forces are more willing and ready to take over the security file and underline now on the security file is complete and the performance is excellent. Other members in the government of Diwaniya local took advantage of the military parade to ask for support services security in the province by increasing the number of its members, and equipping the military. Chairman of the Board of the province of Diwaniyah Jubayr Jubouri / We asked the former to support the security services Balaadat and mechanisms, as well as individual people of Diwaniyah need to be between 3000 to 5000 a member of a new control and support the security services because the preservation of the vast and you need to more than 11000 . Chairman of the security committee in the provincial council cream small / what you need security services support, training and equipment Mtfjrt necessary for its work and there is coordination with the Center to meet these needs. In spite of official assurances continued ability of Iraqi forces to maintain security in the Diwaniya and other provinces, observers say in the recent security developments in the capital Baghdad and other cities, some evidence of the fragility of the security situation in the country.