The middle of next month. Date first for the political forces
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Talabani: you must take the judiciary and justice in their current issue al Hashimi
Maliki: ready for a successful national forum
I learned morning informed political sources for determining a preliminary date next month for the expanded national conference under the auspices of President Jalal Talabani, to begin preparations after the new year holiday.
At the time President of the Republic should take the judiciary and justice in their path, Tareq al-Hashemi indicated Prime Minister Maliki prepared to make the political forces.
And discuss the President and the Prime Minister on Monday evening, the political situation in the country in light of recent developments.
According to a statement by the information Office of the Presidency of the Republic received the copy yesterday morning , Talabani described during a telephone conversation with Al-Maliki his meeting with speaker of the House of Osama alngivi, encouraging productive towards resolving thorny issues and prepare the ground for the General National Conference appropriate to gather political forces and agree on a national project to unify efforts and converging visions . on the issue of al-Talabani, stressed the importance of taking justice and their current justice.
For his part, via Al-Maliki on full confidence successfully Talabani in his endeavours to preserve the gains achieved during the past years, willingness to cooperate in order to reach appropriate solutions to all the difficulties and obstacles . amid this image, revealing a State of law Coalition Deputy from Abbas Al-Bayati l morning there went to start a broad political movement in Baghdad and the intensive bilateral meetings as a prelude to a national conference to be held mid-January next. some sources also confirmed that political preparations for this Conference will start In the first week of new year, conference committees have been formed, in a serious effort to resolve differences between different political blocs and spare the country's crises, and home service-oriented and citizen