Parliamentary Finance Committee: the budget was not discussed until now .. and the Iraqi economy is threatened if it goes the political crisis
On: Wed, 28/12/2011 15:04

Baghdad (news) .. revealed the parliamentary finance committee that the budget in 2012 was not discussed within the Commission so far by the suspension of the meetings of the House of Representatives filed a long time, stressing that the current political situation has an impact on the economic issues in Iraq.

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary MP / National Alliance / Magda Abdel-Latif (agency news) on Wednesday: So far not discussed the budget year 2012 in the Finance Committee because of the suspension of hearings by the Iraqi List, which influenced the development of the budget, indicating that the issue of development of regions, which distributes the financial allocations by the ratio of the population problem and the fact that the Ministry of Commerce has a number and the Ministry of Planning has a number, any numbers count?

She explained Abdel-Latif: The Finance Committee contacted the Ministry of Finance, in turn, the ministry delayed the answer and adopted the number and the Ministry of Commerce, noting that the numbers of the population in 2012 is according to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce and the difference between the two figures about a million people, ie the number and the Ministry of Planning more than one number and the Ministry of Commerce and therefore rely a number and the Ministry of Commerce Mazlomah.

She Abdel-Latif: The development of the regions are also subject to the issue of Alpetroa dollars to the provinces producing the oil-or gas or oil and gas together narrated every barrel of production is calculated by one dollar each 150 cubic meters of gas gives one dollar, and went on: that the past year oil production was two million Matin one thousandth barrels per day, so in the budget of the 2012 accounts adopted two million six hundred thousand barrels, or that there is a difference of 400 thousand barrels, but the budget was established according to the estimates of 2011 and also was informed by the Ministry of Finance that can not be counting the proportion of petro dollars due to the volumes of production different this seem allocations for the development of regions less than the truth and this imposed must be addressed through advances after getting to the demands of the real.

Speaking, however: that in light of the tense political situation there files with emotion expectations of investment and the Iraqi economy is in the fact that the investment environment needs stability in the light of these bubbles and realism as possible to succeed in investment.

The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on 11 December 2011, the arrival of the General Budget Law for 2012 to Parliament, while it confirmed that some of the paragraphs need to be studied, indicated that it will be submitted to Parliament for discussion during future meetings.
The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi demanded, in the (November 28, 2011), the need to expedite the completion of the annual budget for the coming year during a short period, stressing the need not to prejudice the rights of the provinces in pumping money into ventures and investments, as he emphasized the International Fund that is currently working on reduction and reduce the current budget in the budget for Iraq in 2012.

And Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, (November 16, 2011), that the budget for fiscal year 2012 will be forwarded to the parliament soon, adding that many countries agreed to implement the project on credit payment method.
The Ministry of Planning, announced (22 September 2011), that the financial budget for 2012, next will be between $ 112 and $ 120 billion, confirming that 35 percent were allocated to the budget of the investment, while the balance of 2011 the current 81.9 billion dollars deficit of $ 13.3 billion . / Finished / 3. j. n /