[Mr Rockett......Thank You!!!] Say BL, what do you make of the large auctions as of late?
[BondLady] 1 sec sybil plz an ill sure tell ya
[BondLady] its a bigggie tho
[BondLady] well i talked about this earlier
[BondLady] if ev 1 will sit on there hands a min
[BondLady] im gonna throw out for u all a theory of mine
[BondLady] and we did talk about it earlier in here an i did have help with the numbers
[BondLady] ok follow me on this ok
[BondLady] ok
[BondLady] for over a month now
[BondLady] iraqs been talkin bout troop withdrawl
[BondLady] and how it was gonna cause inflation
[BondLady] usa wouldnt be spending in the markets
[BondLady] unemployment
[BondLady] cause so many worked at the embassy
[BondLady] the iraqis
[BondLady] and how shabibi came out and said like 6 weeks ago
[BondLady] if inflation got out of hand in the double digets
[BondLady] that he would act QUICKLY and control it
[BondLady] ok where was i
[BondLady] shabibi says
[BondLady] he had the means to do this an he would not hesitate
[BondLady] so then in the last month
[BondLady] we see a lot of articles
[BondLady] sayin how the usd was raising in value
[BondLady] an the dinar was devalueing
[BondLady] due to troop withdrawl an unemployment an inflation
[BondLady] so then the cbi just kept on putting articles out almost daily or every other day
[BondLady] about the iqd devalueing
[BondLady] even to the point it said it was down to 1200 and something
[BondLady] and that the cbi was working on this to stop the loss an get back the gains of the iqd
[BondLady] even tho we saw every day that the cbi showed 1170
[BondLady] he still said it was 1200 something
[BondLady] now
[BondLady] we knew in order to rv
[BondLady] they had to dry up the biggest part of the 000 that was in iraq
[BondLady] what we as investors hold sure it counts but what the iraqis hold is what trully matters
[BondLady] now like 6 months ago
[BondLady] when the cbi kept on showing articles
[BondLady] about how much they had still out in circulation
[BondLady] i had figured it to be a lil over 6 trillon dinar back then
[BondLady] and shabibi had said also in articles
[BondLady] how it needed to be brot back down into the billons to bring on a rv basically
[BondLady] so we had thot back then wow if they still got that many trillons still out in circulation
[BondLady] it would take a long time
[BondLady] cause the cbi been pullin the 000 notes back into the cbi with every auction
[BondLady] in these auctions u see them buying us dollars not selling dinars
[BondLady] they are useing the dinar to buy usd
[BondLady] so by doin this dryin up the supply
[BondLady] so we come back up to date now
[BondLady] to say 3 an 4 weeks ago
[BondLady] the cbi kept talkin about inflation
[BondLady] an kept talkin about the economy
[BondLady] and all the while thru this troop withdrawl
[BondLady] kept sayin how the troops when they left
[BondLady] would cause the dinar to go up in value
[BondLady] it would support the economy
[BondLady] but then he says in the last 2 to 3 weeks
[BondLady] the dinar is devalueing?
[BondLady] well how can this be shabibi
[BondLady] u said troops leavein would strengthen the dinar and make it grow in value?
[BondLady] but instead shabibi is sayin it was devalueing
[BondLady] and he was workin franticly to restore its rate to what it was
[BondLady] so he says
[BondLady] here we go to the tricky part
[BondLady] he says in order to control the inflation
[BondLady] caused by troop withdrawl and the spike in the dollar rate
[BondLady] was cause because the troops had taken there usd out when they came home
[BondLady] causein the dinar to devalue
[BondLady] so he says
[BondLady] im gonna flood the iraqi streets with the dollar
[BondLady] to keep it from devalueing any more
[BondLady] and he did
[BondLady] so this brings us to the work i had our team do today
[BondLady] i had them go back the last 10 auctions
[BondLady] and get the amounts
[BondLady] i kept thinkin about all the things shabs had said over the last 6 months
[BondLady] and why the devalue and why the high auctions
[BondLady] shabibi is so dang smart
[BondLady] too smart
[BondLady] but this is it and i think i did figure it out
[BondLady] so i had our team do the figures an tell me what they were
[BondLady] for the last 10 auctions
[BondLady] in that period
[BondLady] i was shocked at the amount
[BondLady] the cbi was able to pull back into the cbi
[BondLady] 2.29 trillon and some change in the last 10 auctions
[BondLady] are u as shocked as i was?
[BondLady] 2.29 trillon
[BondLady] 10 days not even 2 weeks
[BondLady] 10 days
[BondLady] so then from the time shabs 1st started talkin about it
[BondLady] we can assume that within the last 4 to 5 weeks time
[BondLady] the cbi has pulled back in every bit of 4 trillon
[BondLady] and higher give or take a few billon
[BondLady] or trillon
[BondLady] id have to go back farther than 10 days to figure out that
[BondLady] so if indeed there was only 6 trillon left in circulation 6 to 8 months ago
[BondLady] and what shabibi has done now to draw back in the 000 notes
[BondLady] he pulled off the biggest strategic plan of all times
[BondLady] he got the iraqis who have been hordeing there dinars waitin on a rv
[BondLady] to go and cash them in for usd
[BondLady] for the purchasing power
[BondLady] look at the auctions
[BondLady] huge amounts of banks
[BondLady] 23 to 28 and 29 banks
[BondLady] 100's of billons of dinar being used to buy usd
[BondLady] cause they were told the dinar was devalueing rapidly
[BondLady] causeing them to let go of the 000 notes an buy usd
[BondLady] so theyd have better purchaseing power
[BondLady] flooding the iraqi streets with usd
[BondLady] to control the dinar indeed
[BondLady] and as ive said they did need to reduce the money supply in order to rv
[BondLady] man wtg shabs
[BondLady] reducing it at 2.29 trillon in 10 days is huge
[BondLady] so then we look over here at parliment
[BondLady] parliment split to the 3rd of january suposedly
[BondLady] with 3 or 4 of the hugest laws sitting on there table to be passed
[BondLady] they leave for 2 weeks
[BondLady] the hcl
[BondLady] the budget
[BondLady] the investors laws
[BondLady] theres 1 more but cant rem what it is
[BondLady] theres many that need to be
[BondLady] but the 1s that will affect the peoples lives the most are those 3 right now
[BondLady] now in the budget
[BondLady] is 1 share of the oil rights to each iraqi citizen
[BondLady] sadr wanted that
[BondLady] it was in the budget
[BondLady] theres articles that state that
[BondLady] that 1 share
[BondLady] has hcl written all over it
[BondLady] to give any thing of the ouil to the people like that
[BondLady] has to have the hcl
[BondLady] its in the budget
[BondLady] to be able to pass the budget
[BondLady] to pass the hcl and the budget
[BondLady] the biggest in iraq history
[BondLady] they have to have the investors laws
[BondLady] these 3 things with out any of the 3 wont work
[BondLady] ok
[BondLady] so what did shabibi do
[BondLady] knowin they need to get thes laws passed asap
[BondLady] and open the budget on time not like theve done thru the recent yrs
[BondLady] they had to do stuff fast an make some genious moves by shabibi
[BondLady] how could he make the iraqis let go of there dinars theve been holdin onto thinkin it was gonna rv any day
[BondLady] and shabs knowin he had to dry up the supply
[BondLady] so the dinar is devalueing
[BondLady] rapidly
[BondLady] were doin all we can to contain it right now
[BondLady] the dollar rate is riseing fast
[BondLady] the dinar is goin down
[BondLady] articles sayin how iraqis were rushin to buy usd with there iqd
[BondLady] how brillant
[BondLady] 2.29 trillon dinar in the auctions in 10 days
[BondLady] un heard of
[BondLady] he did and is pullin it off
[BondLady] as he said he wants to begin the new currency or raising the 000 in early 2012
[BondLady] he couldnt do that with so many trillons left out in iraq
[BondLady] same as the ld's
[BondLady] if the whole world had the new lower denominations
[BondLady] but iraq didnt have them
[BondLady] it would be useless
[BondLady] it only matters if there in the hands of the iraqi citizens
[BondLady] same as the 000
[BondLady] the whole rest of the world can have them
[BondLady] but they needed to be almost gone off the streets of iraq
[BondLady] for this to happen
[BondLady] there had to be aa huge strategic move by the cbi
[BondLady] to get the people to quit hordeing the 000 notes
[BondLady] the usd is raising its rates its goin up in value
[BondLady] the dinar is fallin
[BondLady] hurry hurry buy usd while u can still get the rate before the dinar falls any farther
[BondLady] see where im goin with this?
[BondLady] an so they did
[BondLady] 2.29 trillon in just 10 days times sucked back into the cbi to be destroyed
[BondLady] its what had to happen
[BondLady] u all should be feelin really good right now
[BondLady] to know this
[BondLady] to see this
[BondLady] we are trully at the door
[BondLady] pass the budget
[BondLady] pass the hcl
[BondLady] pass the investment laws
[BondLady] the gov will take care of itself
[BondLady] an the bombings wont totally stop but they will fade to black soon
[BondLady] lots of these people blow them selves up because alqueda would pay them 200.00 for there family
[BondLady] an some would sacrifice themselves because they loved there family
[BondLady] thot they was doin the right thing to help them live
[BondLady] and to survive
[BondLady] so they would
[BondLady] lots of that will stop when there money is worth more
[BondLady] anyways
[BondLady] i thot this was pretty dang huge
[BondLady] what do yall think
[BondLady] as i drop the mic an walk off