Post RV - Loan against Dinar
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Thread: Post RV - Loan against Dinar

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    Post RV - Loan against Dinar

    I heard BGG recently on a conference call mention that he wanted to find some time to research and offer us suggestions for plans after the RV.

    I follow the dinar community closely and am puzzled that no one has brought up the idea of borrowing against our dinar instead of cashing in.

    By borrowing against our dinar we do not create a taxable event and we get the benefit of any upward float of the dinar.

    I have of course googled this subject and have come up empty handed. I googled foreign currency loans etc.

    Its possible that it will be as easy as walking into our bank and asking for a loan, but I havent read that anywhere.

    I spoke with a friend about this and he mentioned that he would prefer to use SKR's, safe keeping receipts, instead of giving his dinar to a bank as a collateral directly.

    I would welcome any ideas or thoughts on this subject



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    Re: Post RV - Loan against Dinar

    That does sound like a good idea.
    I have been wondering about a multi-currency account. I am a newbie at all of this so please don't take this that I know anything. But my understanding of a multi-currency account (MCA) is that it holds the currency digitally. In other words, if I deposit 100,000 dinar and 5000 USD, both of those amounts would be held in that manner. I was thinking it may be a good idea for 2 reasons. If there is a time limit on how long we have to turn in the dinar, we could deposit it and the physical dinar would be sent in. Then we could exchange dinar for USD at the current exchange rate as desired. We would only pay taxes on the amount that is exchanged. That is my thinking, anyway. I need to consult a financial advisor once it RVs and I have the money to pay for the advice.

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    Re: Post RV - Loan against Dinar

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    732 Broadway Suite #201
    Tacoma, WA 98402
    800.706.4741 (Main)
    253.981.6001 (Direct)
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    has a program for $35 per month for unlimited tax and attorney consultations as well as anything you need for asset protection, etc.
    And.... they are familiar with the Dinar

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