Senior politician: National Alliance was unable to control the behavior of al-Maliki!!
27/12/2011 21:19

Baghdad / Orr News

A source high in the National Alliance, on Monday, that the Kurds feel disturbed about the large unilateral declaration of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi away from the coordination with the region, but noted that the external pressures faced by the Kurds not to escalate with Maliki, fearing the collapse of the political process.

The source confirmed the existence of differences within the Shiite alliance about dealing with the issue of al-Hashimi, said that most of the national parties are unanimous in the characterization of the performance of Prime Minister and his coalition of "reckless and uncontrolled," considering that it led to sabotage their relationship Baerakip and Kurdistan.

The source high in the National Alliance, who requested anonymity, said that "there is a crisis between the real state of law and the Kurdistan Alliance, against the background of the issue of al-Hashemi." He said that "the rule of law is not satisfied with the position of the Kurdistan Alliance harboring Tareq al-Hashemi," he adds, "but the Kurds are very angry about the view confessions protect Hashemi and quickly issue a warrant for the arrest of the Vice President of the Republic," stressing that "the Kurds are angry at the lack of coordination al-Maliki with them but they do not objecting to the application of the law. "

The following sources, "the last traces Maliki Kurdish resentment because he criticized them for harboring al-Hashemi, and they believe that the Prime Minister decision on his own shares in fueling the situation."

And the position of the National Alliance, says, "There is a sharp contrast within the coalition on how to spark a chaotic crisis-Hashemi, a spasm, which led to our relationship with the Iraqi and Kurdistan." He adds, "the National Alliance has become incapableof controlling the behavior of al-Maliki recently and everyone is unanimous on the issue of al-Hashemi said the announcement was reckless," and stresses that "the rule of law has put pressure on the quintet, which reviewed the issue of Vice-President of the Republic."

He concludes that "the National Alliance at its meeting which was attended by al-Maliki faced these facts and asked him to Altahedoh," noting that "the Kurds are facing external pressures not to escalate with the prime minister, fearing the collapse of the political process after the suspension of its participation in the Iraqi government and the parliament."