During a meeting with Emir of the Islamic Group Kurdistan .. Talabani confirms it out, intensive contacts with politicians for the national conference in
On: Tue 27/12/2011 20:29

Baghdad (news) revealed .. President Jalal Talabani said he had extensive contacts with Iraqi politicians and symbols in order to inform them of the work for the national conference a year.

This came during his meeting with Emir Sheikh Ali Baber Kurdistan Islamic Group, on Tuesday evening in Sulaimaniya.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic received the Agency (news) a copy of it: President Talabani explained Pamir group and the delegation accompanying the content of the joint statement issued after a meeting with House Speaker Osama Najafi order to clear the atmosphere and beyond the current situation which is going through the country.

He said President Talabani that he already held intensive contacts with politicians and symbols of Iraq in order to inform them of the work for the national conference in general, where he heard everyone's opinion who touch their desire for national in order to fully support this initiative and strive for their success.

For his part, Emir of the Islamic Group Kurdistan: The efforts of President Talabani kindly to everyone and that this source of great pride for all Iraqis, especially the political leadership in Kurdistan, because of the efforts of President of the praiseworthy effort to quell tensions in difficult cases facing the country, stressing that President Talabani is the common denominator and an umbrella for all Iraqis.

And between the Papier: Islamic group ready to harness all their energies for the success of efforts and the efforts of President Talabani to end disputes and crises, and everyone will agree on a comprehensive national program. / Finished / Q. P /