CBI reaping positive results at all levels stability and low inflation
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Thread: CBI reaping positive results at all levels stability and low inflation

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    CBI reaping positive results at all levels stability and low inflation

    The absence of vision during the economic strategy in 2011
    On: Tue 27/12/2011 7:36

    □ Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo
    Collect a number of economists that in 2011 did not witness a remarkable development in economic sectors with the exception of monetary policy, which has achieved remarkable success to consider. They talk for in the (economic term) that the economic decision is still restricted and fenced in the political dimension in the absence of strategic vision

    To ensure the advancement of the real economic sectors at the level of all. And economic expert, said Majid picture: The local and foreign investments in 2011 were not up to the ambition because there are real obstacles that still represent the biggest concerns for investors such as the environment of legal and governmental proceedings, political stability and security.

    He added the picture: the money earned through oil revenues must be used in the interest of economic development and advancement of other sectors, pointing out that the government promises to improve services to citizens and in particular electricity were not of value and actual results, are still services infrastructure totally destroyed.

    He said the picture: Despite two years of the agricultural initiative launched by the government did not avoid fruit, where the agricultural sector is still suffering from neglect. He pointed to the existence of trends and promises from the government of neighboring states increase trade exchange and interest to compensate the absence of foreign imports.

    He called for the establishment of a development bank with a capital of a large through which the government collects the scattered and direct resources in a scientific and thoughtful for the development of all sectors.

    He praised the nominee advocating monetary policy by the Central Bank of Iraq, which is the only one who was reaping positive results at all levels by increasing the confidence and the relative stability of the Iraqi dinar and the low rate of inflation to a large degree.

    He praised the picture as well as the successes achieved by monetary policy, pointing out that this policy alone can not achieve the desired economic development unless there is harmony between fiscal and monetary policy together.

    He added the picture: that the main problem faced by sectors of the economy lies with interest the political class to achieve personal and party gains at the expense of economic development.

    He said the picture: the upgrading of the generality of the economic landscape requires a well defined plan agreed upon by all politicians and economists representing the minimum demands of economic development, stressing that the solutions previously prosthesis and improvised, and not radical and do not lead to desired results.

    He pointed out the existence of a misconception of the market economy, indicating that most of the political economy of privatization believe that, at the time it does not mean the absence of the regulatory role of the state and production, especially in the current stage.

    He called the next budget to take into account a large part of economic development as well as offering an important and prominent role of the private sector.

    Meanwhile, a leading expert on economic gnathion NA's (economic term) in 2011 saw a focus on oil investment, at a time when other sectors have not been comprehensive outlook of realism such as housing, agriculture, industry and services, which falls in the forefront of electricity as the main driver for all sectors.

    He gnathion NA: problems faced by the investment in Iraq's bureaucracy inherited from the former regime as well as to the existence of financial and administrative corruption. He gnathion NA: For monetary policy, it has achieved successes are striking.

    The oil sector
    Considered Hamza oil expert jeweler that oil and gas sector in 2011 was the most prominent of the achievements in terms of all other economic sectors.
    The Jeweler's (range economic) of the most prominent oil investment by international oil companies to develop some oil fields such as Rumaila, Zubair, West Qurna, and others through contracts licensing rounds concluded by the Ministry of Oil with international companies, pointing out that the efforts made by the ministry during this year was a very modest efforts are not commensurate with the size of the overall need for energy, particularly in the provision of adequate infrastructure for the export volumes of oil that will be the outcome of the development of these companies.
    He Jeweler: start on the ministry to extend pipelines for gas, oil, and complete networks for the transfer of huge oil and gas from oil fields to the export zones. He noted that the gas contract which was signed by the Ministry of Oil companies, Shell Mtsaobuchi is a step forward, indicating that the gas was burned over seventy years.
    He called for the need to speed up the implementation of the networks are giant gas transport and collection because this step will encourage investment in various industries such as electricity production in addition to domestic consumption of gas.
    He pointed to the importance of restoring life to the strategic line giant addition to building another line along the River Tigris respect to transport oil and heavy and the development of new refineries sophisticated rise to the level of refineries the world, and stressed the need to speed up the adoption of the law of oil and gas, which in turn will regulate the relations are a good addition to the regulation of the issue development, investment and the need for attention to the principle of transparency and civil society to give its active role and strong support transparency.

    The monetary sector
    Banking expert, Farouk Ramadan success of the Iraqi Central Bank in its monetary policy during 2011.

    Said Ramadan's (range economic): The monetary policy followed by the Central Bank were very accurate, clarity and professionalism at all levels through the stability and the stability of the Iraqi dinar Despite the political and security consequences experienced by the country.

    Ramadan said: that the central bank has put the amount of cash in order to strengthen the capacity of the dinar, indicating that he had given enough credibility for companies looking to deal with Iraq that its monetary policy and prudent this indicator is important to maintain the strength of the dinar.

    He called on the Ministry of Finance to provide assistance to private banks and give them adequate opportunity to provide its services and contribute to the revitalization of the financial role in the community through promotional loans and commercial and industrial. And student control of the smuggling operations of the local currency abroad.

    The agricultural sector
    He said agricultural expert Abdul-Hussein al-Hakim said the financial allocations granted by the government through the Ministry of Agriculture budget in 2011 did not match the physical need for the sector.
    Hakim said the economic term for what the government continues to deal with the Ministry of Agriculture last place in terms of financial allocations compared with other ministries, noting that this sector can play a significant role in achieving sufficient revenues adopted by the State as sources of income.
    Hakim added: Despite the lack of financial allocations but the ministry has made some achievements, and that the relative and which continue to give loans to those wishing to invest in the agricultural sector through funds lending specialist and provide cash to farmers and provide them with fertilizer and irrigation systems modern.
    He said al-Hakim: looking forward to the year 2012, processing of agricultural products as well as the reclamation of saline land and increase agricultural spot for all agricultural crops.

    'The tourism sector' omitted for lack of space (see link below for more) ...

    Go some specialists that Iraq will witness economic planning strategically during the 2012 better than it was in 2011, and economic orientation for the new year will be better than 2011 and because of the strategic plans that Iraq is seeking to achieve and this is what we have observed the ministries in recent times, what would make him at the forefront of in 2012 for being economically stable despite the relative deterioration in the political, this is proof to establish his steps at the beginning of the right way.

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