Barzani: The shortcomings of much of Baghdad in addressing the problems

27.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Erbil / long stressed the Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, the Kurdish areas will present the problem of withholding the Kurdistan parliament to decide on a referendum to the views of residents of the region around it, and will adhere to the Kurdish leadership to the decision of the people. said President Barzani in an interview with Voice of America: The problem areas withheld a solution in the Constitution, and we were the last moment we will seek to resolve, as provided for in the Constitution, but without compromising it, adding: "If not resolved in accordance with the Constitution, then we will go to the problem to the Parliament of Kurdistan, for a referendum to the opinion of the people of Kurdistan, and we will stick to a decision of our people. The Chairman of the region that "there is negligence on a large part of Baghdad to address the problem," stressing that "the statute of limitations of time would not address the problem, it is better for all in Iraq to solve the problem as soon as possible." The President Barzani: The Kurds will not impose their opinion on the subject, noting: "It is not the right one to impose a solution set to the people of Kirkuk, the population of Kirkuk, they will decide the type of solution, and if they decide to join the Kurdistan region it is very good, and if they decide not to join of the Kurdistan region it their decision. " On the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, President Barzani issue should be resolved wisely and quickly, otherwise there will be a gap in the relations between Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis, This will affect the relations of the Kurds as well, and will leave traces on the general situation in Iraq. Barzani said: The issue of al-Hashemi "two-dimensional, after a court must take the judiciary in which its course and decide, and everyone has to comply with its decisions, and a political dimension, and should not be confused between the two dimensions," adding: "In the political dimension I can work with the President and other Iraqi leaders to find a political solution of the problem. " The President Barzani: The case "is not a simple could be terminated by a decision, where the order consequences and repercussions could end a loss for all parties," adding that "al-Hashemi came to Kurdistan with the other Vice-President for a meeting with the President of the Republic, did not come on the run after the decision of his arrest and prevent his departure. " On the other hand met with President Barzani, in the province of Dohuk, Nineveh Governor Atheel Nujaifi During the meeting, discussed the implementation of Article 140 of the constitutional relations between the Kurdistan Region and the province of Nineveh, and the problems existing between my humpback and Nineveh. did not nominate anything about meeting only official statement did not comment the meeting a press conference. The meeting comes in the context of a series of meetings and the meeting convened by the President of the T region in the province of Dahuk, to discuss the political crisis gripping the country.

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