Mtdharro the former regime: the amount of compensation is not enough

26.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Karbala / Ali Allawi saw Karbala days before the distribution of instruments for cash up to 10 million dinars, with the support of a plot of land for a number of people affected by the previous regime, which took place during a major ceremony covered in the media, many including long-only, despite having officials said the move is a small part of the rehabilitation of those who faced the former regime and endured the consequences of chasing and fleeing the destruction of property except that covered by the compensation that come within the Article 140 of the famous. promised funds a few can do nothing at this time and that the State increase the compensation or granting of loans to real estate or housing for the construction of housing for them in compensation for the role that the demolition of the former regime or seized or confiscated by others. governor of Karbala engineer hopes of religion, the cat that the federal government is working to compensate those affected by the previous regime, both expelled from their homes or erased their villages and abandoned or has the execution of some and leaving others to smuggle out of Iraq or inside .. and indicates that the numbers of those responsible show the magnitude of the destruction of the Iraqis. He adds that despite all that has happened to Iraq at the hands of Saddam's Baath says the cat that There are calls for their return and this is a crime in particular. agrees and vice chairman of the Nassif rhetoric counting those affected who have faced the former regime are the message of peace that they provide to the terrorism of the former regime and dictatorship .. He adds that those affected are in the highest degree that equates them in the struggle but the martyrs .. and called rhetorical affected to have their voices heard in front of the calls you want amnesty for Baathists, Saddamists and return them to power and said that if he returned, the massacres will be the same because it is a mountain on the blood, murder and displacement .. He stated that the compensation, although he is not the equivalent of suffering, but it indicates government interest in the national segment of the population. Explains Musharraf office center and south of the Article 140 Mohammed Alaasm that covered in this resolution are displaced, migrants and deportees, whether at home or abroad during the former regime since the end of the sixties in the last century until its fall in 2003, he numbered the total in the central and southern regions to 37 thousand affected, but if taking the total figure for all of Iraq's provinces, the figure will double, especially as the Article 140 include all affected by the former regime, including citizens of the Kurdistan region .. He points out that the resolution provides for extradition instruments for $ 10 million dinars, with the support Tabou for a piece of land to each hoping to make up for even something simple appointed to this stage until the compensation rewarding in other periods .. and indicates that in this celebration will be delivered to 491 affected of the five provinces of Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah, Al Muthanna, and Babylon. However, the citizens who received the instruments said the amount is not enough, although thanked the government has promised him a little bit does not equivalent to the size of what was destroyed and confiscated as well as that amount can not be done by anything. He says the citizen shiny Ali Abdul-Amir, one of the people of the Diwaniya honor in itself makes us feel that we were on the road right in the face of the former regime and prepare the ceremony in Karbala, a good initiative, both from the government or parliament or any Tz our football Otz card that the previous regime confiscated our money and our homes and fled, as they say Bjllona out of Iraq .. But Abdul Amir asked to do this effectively Bashmolna lending to the Land Bank or Bank of the housing so that we can build the house. and shared in the opinion compatriot Hussein Baaoa Jubouri in his mind and speaks of his suffering with the former regime, says he deserted to Iran on the basis that we are supporters of a religious parties and shows that they are seven families of half of us are women and when we came back after 25 years did not find us a house or shelter, this suffering may make us think that return was wrong, but we demand that government is working to improve our conditions and build a house to return to separated the former regime to our homes and die in Iraq. As Hamid Abbas, from the people of Rumaitha says he wants compensation more than 10 million dinars, with joy with a land .. and adds the former regime forsaken and confiscated our money .. and confirms that about 40 house of Al-Abdullah Al-Hussein the demolition of the former regime, their homes and abandon a section to the governorates of Iraq, and another section to the various States and Ahsnna of abandonment to Europe because he was able to live with dignity while we forsaken the home had no place for us and the solution is to increase the amount of compensation or Hmolna loans Real Estate Bank. Rashida Jabbar Abbas in the sixth decade-old says she fled with 10 other families in 1991, she and her husband and her two daughters and her three children .. and confirms that it was a hard life where the children in Jordan and Syria, in Norway .. and confirms that the previous regime took everything they had to return waiting for compensation that we should thank God that there are those who remember us, but compensations are few. , while says charity glorious of Kerbala, in the middle of the sixth decade of life they forcibly displaced in 1980 to Iran with her ​​eight children, and may be issued by the former regime, her home and place of her husband and all their possessions .. and add it back after 25 years to find all is not her but the house has become obsolete estimated lifespan is not fit to live has conducted the beta did not find the place of her husband .. and she wondered whether enough of these funds to build a house offset what was taken from us and our lives? term

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