Members of the accord: draft Iraq became "cake" is distributed among their leaders
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Members of the Iraqi national accord movement in Dhi Qar governorate to withdraw from the movement and the Iraqi list. Branch said in a statement following the conservation movement at a press conference: "the Iraqi national accord movement and the Iraqi list in Dhi Qar governorate NET full members section and the Iraqi list candidates and offices of the counties and districts and subcommittees had decided to withdraw completely from the movement and the Iraqi list." and "the decision was made because of mistakes and practices pursued by the leadership of the Iraqi list recently including the marginalization and exclusion and communal orientation toward leadership and angels and movement and the Iraqi list candidates in the areas of South and middle Euphrates, where distributed ministries and compensatory seats and selectively positions." and by patronage sectarianThe statement said the national project "cake" is distributed among the leaders of the Iraqi list without regard for the feeling of others, and continued: "we have the facts and realities through meetings with leaders of the movement and especially Dr. Ayad Allawi, malfeasance on the national project which is a lie, they sing them to achieve their personal interests and agendas of foreign funds to reap,". "was withdrawn last position of the President emblazoned and leadership of the Iraqi list issue accuse Tareq al-Hashemi and attempting to politicize the judiciary and cover charges and subsequent positions and statements of purpose Ignite communal discord between the Iraqi people. " The withdrawn and declared in their statement, they will work three days after the founding conference call with a view to establishing a new movement independent national orientation, Naveen to organize to certain political block at this time., said an official of the political Bureau of the accord and the Iraqi list Qar branch Kamil Aziz NET told a reporter "morning" in the QAR Hazem Mohammed Habib on the sidelines of the Conference: "the decision to withdraw is a national decision stems from the will and true belief is in response to Iraqi list deviation and leaders of the national project Adopted in the campaign, "retreating" net of offices and subsidiary committees in districts and respects existing members and officials of the offices of senators in the list will be invited to convene a Conference to establish an independent national movement working to guide national, "hinting that the bloc that would emerge would be on track to enter new alliances with previously advertised.