Association of private banks calls for the federal government to support private banks
Date: Monday, 12/26/2011 14:21

Baghdad (news) .. Called the Association of private banks to support the private banks by the Ministry of Finance, in order to contribute to the process of economic development of the country.

The director of the Association of private banks Abdulaziz Hassoun told the reporter Agency (news) on Monday: that the Iraqi banks, particularly the civil and reached an advanced stage in the work of the Iraqi banking financial entities on the one hand and use of banking technologies.

Hassoun and demanded: the federal government and Balseesten of monetary and financial support of private banks and to provide all they need in order to have a major and active role in the process of economic development of the country, calling for: the non-aligned government of the banks at the expense of private financial transactions.

Earlier, the President of the Board of Directors of the Bank economy Hussam Ali Obeid to form a cooperative committee between the Iraqi and U.S. banks and sponsored by the trade ministers of the two countries for the purpose of providing assistance and expertise and to prepare a new generation qualified for the work of modern banking in Iraq.

Ali said in an earlier statement (for the Agency news) committee was formed a cooperative of some Iraqi banks and experienced in the local market with the experts of U.S. banks under the auspices of the Ministers of Trade of Iraq and the U.S. on behalf of, for the purpose of providing global banking expertise and arise with developments of Technology, in addition to the preparation of courses training for workers in Iraqi banks to produce a new generation of Iraqis eligible to work the modern banking.

Ali said: This initiative will be the gate to the beginning of a banking world by producers and importers, brokers, referring to the current methods of Iraqi banks as a lack of professionals and good governance in the work, so they do not Tsttaba at the moment to deal with international banks. / Finished / 8.'s. meters /