Deputy for Diyala: Iraqi army is now a strength and a national strike in the province and the rest of the governorates of Iraq

26.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - brother of Diyala , a member of the Iraqi Parliament for the Liberal bloc MP Hussein Kadhim hum "The Iraqi army is now a strength and a national strike in Diyala province and the rest of the governorates of Iraq." He said during his visit to hum Police Directorate of Buhriz / south of Baquba, and the regiment emergency Buhriz and his meeting with its director, Colonel Mohammed Kazem and ordered the regiment Colonel Amer Hamed Dawood said "security forces are able to take the lead in the overall times." praised hum "with patience and sacrifices of the employees of the security forces commanders and rank, which led to Remember and community safety and stability, especially in difficult times in the cities of the province of Diyala. " He listened MP hum to a briefing security for the conditions in the region which was until recently one of the most important strongholds of al-Qaeda, where the leaders emphasized the fields, stability, and enjoy the area of security after the total eradication of the remnants of al-Qaeda them. In a related context, he met with Attorney hum accompanied by Chief of Police Buhriz Colonel Mohammed Kazem and ordered Regiment Buhriz Amer Hamed Dawood dozens of people from the villages is a Buhriz and Aldoissat, for the side service, social and security situation there. He hum happy for the return of displaced families by al-Qaeda terrorism and armed groups to their villages and begin to remove the effects of displacement it and begin to revive the land and the return of agricultural and livestock production in the region after the defeat the code, the Al Qaeda terrorist who blew most of the houses in them. and heard the hum of the constraints and suffering that tax burden on residents of the area, especially basic services, roads, transportation, water, and promising them of address the relevant departments to address them.

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