Legal Committee: Maliki does not have authority to dismissal of the ministers of absent employees and the law of the state does not apply to them
: Monday, 26/12/2011 13:15

Baghdad (news) .. The member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee and the representative / National Alliance / Fatlawi Hassoun, said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki does not have authority to dismissal of the ministers absent for the meeting of the Council of Ministers, and to staff the state law does not apply to them.

Fatlawi said in a statement (the Agency news) on Monday: that al-Maliki does not have the powers of dismissal of any minister or his dismissal, for several reasons: First, the lack of an internal system within the Council of Ministers. Second: There is no law regulating the work of the Council. Third, the Constitution does not contain a substance given to the owners of these powers.

He said a member of the Legal Committee to: that the law officers of State, which includes Gabab employee (10) days is separated, does not apply to the ministers absent from the Iraqi List, for they do not staff, but officials with special grades, explained that Maliki has the right to apply for Council MPs to sack any minister and the Council voted to accept the resignation or reject it.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, announced that he will be separated and the ministers of the Iraqi List, absent in the absence of attending the next meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has vowed to replace the ministers belonging to Iraq in the event of continuing absenteeism, saying if it does not come back at the next meeting of the government Fsnottagh to assign to other ministers and the agency, noting that the Iraqi government usually holds its meetings on Tuesdays every week. / Finished / 7 . j. n /.