Sadr calls for the dissolution of parliament and re-election .
Monday, December 26 / 1 December 2011 14:58

Twilight News / called Liberal bloc, which represents the Sadrist movement, on Monday, to solve the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and re-elections in the country.

The head of the Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji, said in a statement received for the "Twilight News" that the "mass" for resolving the Iraqi Council of Representatives and re-election at this time, "noting" we are facing a new phase and we found a lot of problems that do not give Iraq's stability and complete sovereignty of that will ask the subject in the National Alliance As a part of it.

The al-Araji, he "can not existing partners to reach solutions, as well as the threat of dividing Iraq," pointing out that "early elections will stand in these projects in addition to that there are blocks with foreign agendas, and some blocks work with terrorism and with Saddam's Baath."

He said the head of the Liberal that "the constitutional mechanisms to resolve the Council is through the application of the Prime Minister to the President of the Republic and the latter works to send the request to the House of Representatives to resolve the Council."

Araji said that "there is a time limit to dissolve Parliament after six months, explaining that the first three months allocated to the legislation of two important laws of political parties and amending the election law, which gives a large area of ​​the voters, in addition to the three other months are for the election of the new Commission members and to start proceedings early elections" .