Dabbagh: objections to the International Monetary Fund reduced the size of the budget of 112 billion*to $ 100 billion
26/12/2011 13:05:00

Agency Naba independent Iraqi / p. .. X said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the total federal revenues of $102 trillion dinars. The result calculated by the revenues derived from export of crude oil at the rate (85) dollars per barrel and export capacity of up to (2.6) million barrels per day.

Al-Dabbagh said the reporter (and independent Iraqi news agency) mentioned that the total revenue to ensure the quantity produced and exported from the territory of Kurdistan and the amount of (175) thousand barrels per day. And will enter the oil revenue this Development Fund for Iraq after the deduction of 5% in compensation for Kuwait war. Indicating that the total investment budget (37) trillion dinars, and the operating budget (80) trillion Iraqi dinars. Distributed to the institutions, ministries and state bodies all. And will be the distribution of public expenditures according to the ratio of the population after excluding the allocation status of the Federal Ministry and the sovereign expenditure.
The Cabinet had finished the final version of the budget bill to the Federal Assembly in 2012 and sent to the House of Representatives for discussion and approval. And was scheduled to reach the budget (112) billion dollars. But the objection by the International Monetary Fund. Led to reduced to (100)