Khalid Al-Alwani: signing of the Charter of Honour is a positive step towards resolving the political crisis
26/12/2011 11:15:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad - p. ... G MP for the Iraqi List coalition Khalid al-Alwani sign the code of honor in the event of a positive step has been embodied into reality contribute to the solution of all political differences.

A press statement of the office today I got (and independent Iraqi news agency), a copy of That all the initiatives launched to resolve the current political crisis is good and will contribute greatly in resolving the differences occurring between the political blocs, stressing the need to seek all the political blocs to activate the provisions of the Charter to resolve the crisis a radical solution. Calling on all politicians to make the interests of citizens on their personal interests.

Alwani said that people's patience is running out as a result of continuous disputes between the political parties, which reflected negatively on the general situation in the country