Deputy: the role of a U.S. withdrawal dinar down .. and the Central Bank did not respond to the market to pump dollar Bmzadeh
Date: Monday, 12/26/2011 12:19

Baghdad (news) .. Most likely a member of the Finance Committee and the representative / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri stability of the dinar against the dollar in the coming period, attributing the causes of its decline in the last period to the U.S. withdrawal and pumping dollars into the market by the Central Bank.
Yasiri said in a statement to the Agency (news) Monday: that the variation in the price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar is subject to the issue of supply and demand in the domestic market, and that the central bank has a policy to control the rate of the dinar against the dollar through the auction or the so-called "market supply of the dollar and sold in the auction," When you see that the Iraqi dinar has fallen against the dollar, who shall the Central Bank to sell huge amounts of dollars in the auction, as well as vice versa.
He Yasiri to: that the low price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar in the last period due to the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, which had Iraqi currency, he bought a dollar the American domestic market has become a strong demand for the dollar than less display, and continued: in addition to the political problems that have occurred during this period have a role too by paying a lot of traders to buy dollars in anticipation of trouble in the country.
A member of the Finance Committee representative: that the bank CBI does not respond during this period of high demand on the dollar, making the price of the U.S. dollar increased against the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the central bank now has to sell the dollar in the auction, making the dinar goes back to the price of the former almost.
The price of the Iraqi dinar reached during the last week to the (1260) dinars per one dollar.