Post Dinar Exchange Wealth Strategies from a Lawyer
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    Post Dinar Exchange Wealth Strategies from a Lawyer

    Post Dinar Exchange Wealth Strategies from a Lawyer

    DISCLAIMER: This is written for educational, general legal knowledge, and you must retain your own independent lawyer near you whom has the requisite skills to advise you and set up your asset protection. Thus, this is not specific legal advice to you. Also, tntdinar has not endorsed what is being said here. I am a California lawyer and do not practice in any other state.

    I am a professional who has lost everything. I have purchased the Dinar to have the needed capital to start over. I will not make the same mistakes again. I am an honest attorney who has made horrific mistakes because law school did not train me into personal wealth management.

    I lost it all. However, the only "asset" I had left was my ability to research and think. The secular books I read always were flawed, and I would ask questions that had insufficient answers, as I would always come up with a "worse case scenario."

    I made every mistake one could make as an attorney, I received a secular educational. I studied and practiced law in the world's legal system. I listened to all of "Rich Man, Poor Man" series, which had some wisdom, but was lacking in many essentials. I listen to many investment advisers, and I found how they liked annuities or stock or gold because they made their money in that venue of business. Thus, they had a conflict of interest. Also, in the end, what they said did not last the test of time.

    At my age, I can look back and see they had some truth, but their reasoning was not a cure-all. Their wisdom did not teach me taught me facts but not truths. Financial planning is multi-dimensional, and there are many facets and people who want to gain by you losing. Also, time is not on your side because of the law of entropy-- everything is decaying and heading toward death.

    A young man in banking wanted to know how to succeed in banking, and someone told him to speak with a senior in banking named Smith. He did and asked Mr. Smith how he could be wise like him about financial matters. Mr. Smith said, "Three words. 'Making right decisions.'" The young man replied, "But, Sir, how do I get the experience to make wise decisions?" Mr. Smith said, "Three words, 'making bad decisions.'"

    I learned there is a difference between wealth, riches, and money. I don't want to be like Mr. Smith by learning only by making "bad decisions." By the time you acquire enough experience, you have one foot in the grave and life is over. You cannot use or enjoy your wisdom because you are too old. Then, there is that brain problem that sometimes comes, called dementia. What follows is a few nuggets, but I advise you to seek out a good lawyer that has his or her office near you, so you can come to them for consultation at a moment's notice. You to incorporate personal application of these principles, as every estate is different.

    Money is the medium of exchange to avoid the inconvenience of bartering. Money is subject to collapse, inflation, confiscation, and people attach emotions to it to fulfill their emotional needs. These are the "lottery winners" who normally get on a spending spree because the want the attention, and they lose it all in less than five years.

    Riches give you a percentage of returns, such as 7% per annum and are things like, stocks, bonds, annuities, guaranteed investment contracts, notes, commodities, currency trading etc, Yet, "riches" are deceitful, as you think you have security but something happens and they become valueless. For example, if you buy an annuity, and the dollar crashes, what value is that annuity that yields 7% if inflation is at 40%. The annuity then cuts into the value of your principal, and often your money is trapped and cannot be withdrawn, at least not quickly enough to avoid lost. Just because your principal and a small interest rate is guaranteed, it means nothing as the annuity is now worthless. If you do not have a built-in inflation proof guarantee, you lose. Also, if the insurance company who issued your annuity, owes derivatives, then it can file a petition in bankruptcy, and you lose your annuity. Again, riches are deceitful. They look secure, but you are not managing your own money--- someone else is, and they will look out for themselves instead of you. Riches are not true wealth. They do not endure through the stresses of bad economies.

    Wealth consists of hard assets such as land, houses, natural resources, precious metals, precious stones, livestock, farms growing food, small businesses, family who pass on inheritances. Wealth assets give you one fold, two fold, thirty fold, sixty fold, and even one hundred fold each year. Real estate can go down, but it always comes back. Gold and silver will go up if the dollar crashes.

    Wealth assets are always producing because they have inherent value, unlike money. When you have wealth assets attached to riches or money, then it is the wealth asset that adds value to the riches or money. Riches, such as stock or annunities are attached to a wealth asset called a business, but businesses have moving parts, which always will break down at some time. I consider people moving parts.

    Money can be backed by wealth assets such as precious metals or natural resources, but there has to be a way to obtain the wealth asset in the event the currency starts falling in value. When countries start having economic problems, you do not want to be paid dividends or principals on their government debts or bonds by that country's currency.

    Also, wealth assets, or hard assets, always require some work to maximize the return. You work and put a seed in land, you water and till the plant after it sprouts, and you get 1000 times that amount in seeds at time of harvest, such as a corn field. If you have a cow, who has a calf, you get two cows, but they have to be cared for. In every apple seed there is an orchard of fruit trees, which bear apples by the hundreds. If you start a small business with $1000 on January 1, by December 31, you probably passed through the business account 100 times that amount, but it took work, stewardship, and sound business to produce a product or service. Multiplication is an attribute of wealth assets.

    Wealth assets have another benefit. Through daily incremental problem-solving activities of managing wealth assets, it matures your children and to gives them wisdom. Yet, experience only accounts for about 50% of your wisdom. It would be good to employ a Mentor in various fields that deal with wealth assets to train your children. When do you buy; when do you sell? How is best to manage wealth assets?

    When you pass, you want your children to have the managerial skills to steward the wealth asset of your family dynasty. You do not want them to fall back into financial enslavement, but maintain freedom generation after generation. Teach children cash flow management and cash flow security. Teach them the perils of single generation consumption of the wealth that you are leaving them. Teach them the blessing of setting up a family dynasty. Set up incentives for your children. Reward the industrious, and do not reward the reckless. Those who lose money, remove those who do not increase the family wealth estate. Re-train them; then try them again if you want.

    You, and if married, your spouse, can each give a person $14,000 a piece each year, so a husband and wife can give each child a gift of $28,000 a year, and then there is the life-time gift of $5,250,000 exemption each for the mother and father. You can give your child a house to live in. However, that child will put his or her spouse's name on title, and if there is a divorce, the house, and part of your family dynasty is lost. It is better to let them live in a corporate-owned residence, pay a little rent, and keep control of the asset. I would not spoil your children, but would require them to work daily in the family businesses.

    Freedom is something that is a gift. Freedom is really two words. "Free" means "liberty", and "dom" is from the word "dominion", so freedom is the liberty to take dominion to fulfill your person in life. If you are still in bondage, what good does it do to have money, riches, or wealth. Poverty-stricken people really do not know what freedom is. When you labor to earn a living without wealth acquisition, you are in bondage. You work until you die. That is not life. Work is a holy calling, but enslavement to a job is not freedom. Arrange your overhead, so you do not have to work so hard.

    Freedom means getting and staying out of debt, as the debtor is the slave of the Lender. When you are wealthy, bankruptcy should never be an option. When you are wealthy, never buy anything with debt financing. Debt financing is for slaves. When you are in debt, you have sold yourself to work hard for years to pay off the debt.

    A long and protracted lawsuit can be enslavement, so there are ways to avoid lawsuits which you need to instill in your business dealings. One important way is maintaining strict privacy with your children and family, use a lawyer regularly to maintain confidential communication, signing non-disclosure agreements, and avoiding the social forums. Don't let people know you are wealthy. Be modest in your lifestyle. When you give, give anonymously.

    If you make "representations" in a real estate or business deal, then you can be guilty of "misrepresentations" if you say something that someone relied upon that was not true. That someone will sue you for fraud, which allows that someone to make an allegation in the lawsuit requesting punitive damages, which is calculated upon the "size" of your estate. Thus, you only speak to your own lawyer that you retained, and let the lawyer represent one of your corporations or LLC's to purchase or sell your real estate, buy a business, hire your CPA firm, etc. Don't talk business or investments with anyone. Simply say, "You will have to speak with my lawyer." You then speak to your lawyer, and tell him or her what your desires are, and allow him or her make the offers, communication, etc. on behalf of the corporation. Your statements are confidential and protected.

    Loose lips sink ships. Everyone who works for you has to live by this motto. Instill this in your children. Tell them that personal knowledge given to third parties will eventually be used against them and the family dynasty. No one should know the family business dealings and especially not the size of the family estate. If you have to, hire body guards to protect you and your family. Don't allow your spouse to ever go shopping alone. Wealthy people are always being watched by someone. There are people who will follow her, grab her purse as she returns with her arms full of items, and she can be injured. Remember that, and instill this fact in your children.

    When I lived on the farm in Illinois, my grandfather taught us to keep one eye on the ground for snakes, and the other for the bull in the pasture who is ready to charge you since you came upon his territory. Yet, he said to remember the bull can be charging you from behind, so keep your ears opened too.

    You can use this principal in your business and real estate transactions. No one ever speaks plainly what they really want, or what is the top dollar they are willing to pay or sell. They often will reveal this in conversation, but you have to keep both eyes and ears opened to catch the snakes and charging bulls.

    Therefore, wisdom says invest in wealth assets. If you buy just 20 four-plexus for example, and you have a management company rent out each unit for say, just $800, then your corporate that owns them would have an income of $62,000 per month. After paying a 10% management fee, you still have depreciation allowance on rental property, and you will earn about $50,000 per month before taxes. This will net you about $35,000 per month after taxes in the corporation if you live in a state where there are no state income taxes, such as Nevada or Texas. You can have a company car, expense account, and the like. Since your house was bought for cash, that would be a blessing as you get older. All real estate should be purchased for cash, so it will not have a mortgage; and you won't have a problem if you have a two or three tenants leave the units vacant for a couple of months.

    You never own anything in your name. To protect yourself and your real estate, you need to put no more than five pieces of real estate in one corporation, with a nominee as sole director, officer, and shareholder, and then have him or her sign a resignation letter. Your revocable trust should own an "option" to purchase the stock in the corporation at anytime for say $500, as this gives you "reservation rights" but not ownership rights. The corporation makes the real property rental money, and the corporation pays lower income taxes.

    You can be employed by the corporation as a "consultant" or as an employee, live in a company house where you pay "rent", and you can have "possessory rights" but not "ownership rights". You can accumulate "wealth" in the corporation, as a business is a wealth asset. Your children will be beneficiaries of your trust in the event our your death. One of your children can be the Officers and Sole Director, owning a small share of the stock, with your revocable trust having the option to purchase even your child's shares of stock in the corporation in case the child gets rebellious.

    You can own silver or gold coins as wealth assets for insurance against collapse of the dollar. Always keep the wealth asset in your possession, as you cannot trust banks, or any other financial institution.

    Your own house have owned by a separate corporation and not any other piece of real property. Have 2-3 acres of land. Drill a water well. Install solar, or wind or other type of electricity-producing device to get off of the grid. Go Green and become energy efficient. Set up a Green House with hydroponics to produce organic foods, and pick and eat the food when it is ripe for better health. Filter the air in the house.

    Have a safe room built to run into in the event you have to escape quickly against intruders. Have cameras and a complete security system with flood lights throughout the property, along with a security alarm and company who will call the police. Have the entire property lighted like a baseball field if there is an intruder. Have a smart house, Have security to cover the glass at night, so you can sleep in peace. Have a completely computerized home.

    Have a food and water supply storage.

    Have at least a 5 car "garage" and use part of it for storage in the event it is needed. You can also have another room attached to your safe room, which also has a hidden escape tunnel, which can also store food and water.

    Pay your real property taxes by the corporation for ten years in advance. Then you are secure with no tax liens.

    You can set up other corporations to put "friendly liens" or trust deeds on your real property, which is recorded and the world will believe there is no equity in your house. You can have a rescission letter that rescinds and reconveys the trust deeds or mortgages for lack of consideration to avoid getting the IRS tax you in the event you reconvey the trust deed and IRS tries to say you have been forgiven of a debt. The truth is there will be no dollars paid connected with the Note and Deed of Trust, so your statements are true. It is not required to record the reconveyance right away, but you should have it signed and notarized and kept in a safer place.

    In any event, the secret is that you keep "possessory rights" and '"reservation rights," but not "ownership rights." This will protect you from lawsuits.

    Rent your employees from an agency. Resign from your profession. Have no licenses. Minimize the governmental bureaucrats that have regulatory authority over you. If you want still practice being a lawyer, medical doctor, real estate agent, then you subject yourself to lawsuits. If you want to help people, work through another professional who has a license, but you not be licensed. Every license puts you in a "fiduciary capacity" and requires you to use "utmost care" in dealing with people. You do not want that responsibility. You want to always be able to allege in defense that you were dealing in an "arms length" capacity, so caveat emptor, which is Latin that means "let the buyer beware."

    Liability and life insurance are also important. Keep at least 10 million dollar umbrella policy, or an amount the size of your estate. You can use life insurance proceeds to replace your estate on your death that was used to pay estate taxes, which is called an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT). If you set up a Charitable Remainder Unit Trust, you can use a life insurance policy to replace the corpus that is given to your chosen charity at your death.

    In summary, use the money you are exchanging for your dinar or dong to buy real property with rental income-producing wealth assets. Do not leave money in the bank. The world is "crashing" or at least "changing" and you do not want to get caught in the financial storm headed this way. The derivatives alone that are due will destroy the value of the dollar and many insurance companies. Wisdom says put your money in wealth assets, not riches or money.

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    Good information but a bit frightening don't you think?

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    Re: Post Dinar Exchange Wealth Strategies from a Lawyer

    I appreciate you sharing what you have learned.

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    Re: Post Dinar Exchange Wealth Strategies from a Lawyer

    Outstanding, chattels!! Very much appreciate your post and the time you took to be so thorough. God bless you!!!

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