The Iraqi market for securities to its end this year

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
Governing Council of the Iraqi market for securities as a session on Tuesday last session deliberative on the occasion of the end of the fiscal year, noting that the first trading session in the new year 2012 will be on Sunday the first of January. An official source in the Council: that the general index of the Iraq market Securities made an outstanding achievement at the level of raising the value of the overall financial and attract companies, where they were during the course of trading to include shares of 87 companies listed electronically within the sectors of banking, industry, agriculture, insurance, investment, hotels and services also recorded the Iraqi Stock Exchange in the session the market during this year, the highest ratios with 134.57 points. . Pointing out that the implementation of the resolutions of the Securities Commission decided to suspend trading of shares of a number of companies for failing to comply with instructions to say No. (14) and exceeding the legal limit set for that and from the meeting Tuesday, 9/8/2011, pointing out that these companies are (Nineveh for food, beer Eastern Crescent industrial, light manufacturing, sewing modern, electronic industry, the Palestine Hotel, Hotel Ishtar, the Iraqi transport petroleum products, the Baghdad car services, seeds of Iraq, talkative agricultural) The source added that among the achievements of the trading market during Tdolat the 2011 declaration of the Media and Telecommunications Company (Asia Cell) mobile telecommunications network in Iraq has raised (10) million of its shares in the Iraqi market for securities trading. Meanwhile, the improved activity of the movement deliberative industry after it was banks and hotels leaders the trading stock in the Iraqi market for securities at the level of the number of shares offered and the number of contracts and volume deliberative in the Iraq Stock Exchange during the last three months of this year and was able to present (18) Company service- asked of them so far are (14) company about service-(402) million shares and a high participation rate