British newspaper: Sunni-Shiite conflict in Iraq is near

Twilight News / British press reports said Saturday that Iraq was close to all-out confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites with the abolition of talks aimed at resolving the political crisis between the two sides.

The British Independent newspaper reported that "Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi has accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to act like Saddam Hussein, urging him to find an alternative."
According to the paper "to accuse the imams of mosques, Sunni-Maliki of fomenting sectarian conflict and the statement of Sunni leaders in Baghdad that no longer have much to lose and that sent their families out of the capital to ensure their safety."
The newspaper pointed to "reports that local militias in the Sunni-majority provinces, seeking arms and organized resistance to government repression."
According to sources close to Maliki, said he "may have decided to try to resolve the crisis by force, apparently seeking to refine his success when he defeated the Mahdi Army militia in 2008."

The newspaper quoted Tariq al-Hashimi as saying that "many types of behaviors practiced by Saddam Hussein Nuri al-Maliki now and the judicial system in his package, unfortunately."

The paper, "The United States' ability to mediate and end the current crisis fell with the U.S. withdrawal," noting that "the Kurds will try to mediate, but they said they would not hand over al-Hashemi, who took refuge in their capital, Irbil."

The newspaper said "is not in the interest of the Kurds to see Maliki's victory on the leaders of the year, with the sense that they may become the next target as they are afraid of the collapse of power-sharing agreements have been reached since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003."

This Parliament has abolished the meeting of political leaders from all walks of yesterday in the wake of the bombings because of ongoing violence and the objection of the National Coalition led by Maliki to boycott the Iraqi bloc headed by Hashemi of the parliament.

The several cities such as Samarra and Ramadi has gone out demonstrations in favor of Hashemi on Friday after the Friday prayers on charges of involvement in the commission of terrorist operations and the issuance of an arrest warrant against him.