Column VIII: science in the House of Representatives
On: Sun 25/12/2011 9:56
 Ali Hussein

In the recent crisis faced by the Iraqis wondered where you disappeared brave our representatives? But I found the answer in a statement Comedy fired by MP Abdul-Mahdi al-Khafaji, who said that the Prime Minister is aware of House of Iraq, saying Mr. Attorney of the kind mounted heads of humor I became obsessed with seizures do not stop laughing hysterically, which made me wonder between the laugh and the other for what you do not trust the majority of people the House of Representatives ?

In my opinion it can be monitored and the million reasons why people pay for the hatred of the House of Representatives and the lack of confidence many of its members, and at best not to fall in adoration. Of course no sane person falls in love with the Parliament so only if those who apply to them the law of the mental to be approved by the parliament one day to benefit both cheer the lives and achievements of the government. Perhaps the citizens wonder, why did the House of Representatives during the sessions, which drew from the bustle and noise more than what was raised by the Parliament of a country like China?, You are his policies successful in holding the government not to provide the demands of a decent life for citizens, is it the security and stability, is it a booming economy, is housing is available, is it human rights or freedoms that it exceeded everyone?!

None of this at all, and here we have a parliament collection of negatives and disadvantages beyond all limits .. In the face of a series of failures at all levels, politically and economically.

Read the statements of many of our representatives who do not stop the launch of Camel firearms on security and Alaadalhalajtmaih, deceive people words sweet and Evajiounam failure in the first real test, politicians Atntnon all terms of national slogans and spirited, think them blacks, in the face of corruption and partisanship, sectarian, and then be surprised that they are not more than Naamat hide their heads in the sand and graduation only when ordered community leaders, claiming that their lives are devoted to people's rights, and that sleep goes against their eyes until they stop violations and the sun of freedom and social justice, and increasing the brightness of integrity, transparency, and then discover that all that interested in life is to get on the dollar and the euro and the Saudi riyal and Altoman the lira, and even the Chinese yuan, TAKE movement from nationalism to socialism to capitalism before settling their case theorists of the laws of halal and haram, chastity and modesty, filling the lower vocal and noisy for equality and non-sectarian and political quota system and find them first offenders to justice, stand Kalmtsolan in the door of sectarianism in anticipation of the position and influence, all the politicians are playing on the ropes, firing a heavy gas of speeches and slogans and statements that fill the space policy.

Fear lives in people's homes to eat and drink with them as our representatives brave wandering in the capitals of the world in order to trade the lives of Iraqis, the fear creep daily to the hearts of the people, and they hear the news of terrorist operations by hunting them every day, increasing their fear as they watched the conflict, politicians and _khasomathm and feel sorry for as they look to love, which was absent, and sectarianism, which beat interests of the country and its citizens ..

People living in a state of congestion lasting from the hatred of the political process, the sense of injustice, the fingers of fire of sectarian sedition, incitement to violence that reached a peak, and people are confused about how to believe the promises of politicians or laugh from the remarks of Representatives, the man no longer has value, every something that is flammable, and the government acted on the state budget on their own projects, and investment suspicious, no one knows where the billions go, and why millions of people live below the poverty line?

Silence has become the slogan stage, the home, "hated each other," We must all have to raise the slogan of no place: the Deputy does not accept the difference with his mind and thought.

Vice is believed to be always right and others wrong, to the Deputy imagine that he alone His absolute truth, the deputy did not listen to those around him, the deputy refuses to religious diversity and intellectual and political, to the Deputy concerned only Bmnfth personal, to the Deputy wants to turn Iraq into a series of Turkish .. People need such as Mandela, a political science and not to steal their future and the house of their dreams.