President Talabani: Iraqis disagree among themselves, but in the end agree
20:48:12 2011-12-24 PUKmedia

Received His Excellency President Jalal Talabani on Saturday evening 24/12/2011 a phone call from Dr. Nabil Arab League Secretary-General Arabic.

During the call, discuss the current situation in Iraq, where the secretary-general of the Arab League expressed concern about the problems and challenges facing the political process in Iraq, wishing a comprehensive and decisive solution to it.

The President thanked Mr. Talabani is connected to the Arab and assured him of the situation in Iraq .. Stressing that "we are going towards finding a solution fast .. It was agreed to calm the situation .. and we are working to move for a meeting of various parties to resolving the situation."

He noted that President Talabani of Iraq and my fans around the Kurdistan Alliance to calm the situation .. His Excellency also among the Iraqis disagree among themselves but in the end agree.

In conclusion, President Talabani congratulated His Excellency Secretary-General of the Arab League on the occasion of Christmas and New Year's Day and have him tell his greetings and Tpricath the same way to the great writer and his friend's illustrious Mr. Mohammed Hassanein Heikal.