Government vows to insurgents after 2011
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Thread: Government vows to insurgents after 2011

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    Government vows to insurgents after 2011

    On: Sun 25/12/2011 8:23

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    Renewed government emphasis on the armed factions that the file will close completely the end of this month, arguing that the cover of the presence of armed factions in the country will be finished early next year. The adviser said the prime minister for national reconciliation Amer Khuzaie told the Kurdish news agency,

    The "File armed factions will close end of the month once," noting that "national reconciliation file with the armed factions reached a final stage." The Khuzaie that "any armed faction after the end of this year will not allow the presence in Iraq, especially with the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq."

    He continued that "the work of the armed factions may no longer need to in Iraq, so the government will take deterrent measures against anyone carrying arms from outside the security institutions."

    And delivered several factions disarmed and joined the political process, but other groups reject this, saying that the political process "legally invalid" because it was built under the auspices of "the American occupation."

    The items include a political agreement that was concluded prior to the formation of the government within the initiative of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, the application of the national reconciliation project more broadly to include all Iraqis without exception.

    To that, the representative of an adviser to Prime Minister Ahmed al-Asadi of the Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq and the League of the Righteous and agreed to reconciliation and selling under the banner of national reconciliation and engage the political process following the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq.

    Asadi said the festival for national reconciliation in the province of Dhi Qar yesterday that "the national reconciliation conference that took place today (yesterday) comes to reconciliation with the armed factions, which raised the slogan of resistance against U.S. forces."

    He stressed that "reconciliation were not with anyone legitimize the Iraqi blood."

    The League of the Righteous announced yesterday, they unfold a military operation in the event confirmed that U.S. troops are fully withdrawn, asserting that the tasks will be to engage the political process, accused the U.S. forces and others of being behind the bombings on Thursday.

    The head of the League of the Righteous Khazali that "we still have some doubts about the continued existence of the survival of U.S. occupation forces in some areas and we are monitoring this issue, and if we made sure of complete withdrawal Sntoa the military operation as it achieves the goal, a free country."

    He added that the Khazali "Alasaúb will be in addressing the political process, and that all resistance is clear in her voice to speak and express the conscience of the Iraqi people and demanding their rights."

    The Khazali that "the withdrawal of occupation forces was not chosen, but was obliged therefore the finger can be directed to more than one on the bombings that took place, Thursday, the first of the occupation because he probably wanted to prove that his presence was useful and once denunciation destabilize the situation and thus it tries to stimulate the voices calling for his return. "

    He Khazali that "the second possibility was behind the bombings is slanging policy now in place, and differences between the blocs and political figures and the previous comments before they occur these blasts are intended to say that there is a return to sectarian violence," asserting that "the Iraqi people is far from violence But there are sectarian politicians from trying to do in order to prove its existence and maintains it. "

    The League of the Righteous group led by Qais al-Khazali resident in Iran is one of the splinter groups from the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, has been attributed to several murders and claimed responsibility for many of the insurgency in central and southern governorates against U.S. forces.
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