Muhammadawi: We support the formation of majority government in the event of withdrawal of the Iraqi List

Secret / Baghdad
UN Secretary-General of the Sons of Iraq, a coalition of those who care about Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi that the coalition supports the formation of a government majority in the event of withdrawal of the Iraqi List, noting the importance of the participation of organizations of civil society.

He said in a statement today that
"the white mass is the legitimate heir to the Iraqi and should be passed by the cabinet seats were held by the Iraqi List, the white mass."

He Muhammadawi to "the need for the completion of the security label Minister indicating that the coalition had submitted ten names of independent candidates for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to fill ministerial portfolios."

The MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki declared that "the National Alliance will go towards forming a majority government politically if things continue this trend and insisted the Iraqi List, the decision of the district".