An invitation to celebrate the withdrawal and assurances on the need to consolidate the political views after the U.S. withdrawal

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah said blocks and political figures on the need to unify the visions in the political debate after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and an emphasis on the unity and integrity of its security and its people. has stressed the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim and the Secretary General of the Islamic Virtue Party Hashem al-Hashemi on the need to unify the visions between the blocks politics after the U.S. withdrawal. A statement of the Supreme Council, received the «morning« copy of it, that the wise search through a meeting with the Virtue Party, the latest developments in the political arena and the challenges they face, as well as some stage after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. Hashemi said his part according to the statement, to the identity of views between the delegation and al-Hakim in the need to unify visions between the political blocs, especially after the U.S. withdrawal from the country, and the importance of concerted efforts by everyone to rebuild Iraq and develop their abilities and their development. And that the Supreme Council and the Virtue Party by virtue of the partnership and alliance that housing them and the unique relationship that are united and their presence moving within the National Alliance, agreed to join efforts for the development and activation of the coalition in the next stage and push the political process forward and overcome obstacles. For its part, called for an MP for the cluster white high Nassif political forces to the participation of Iraqis celebrating the Day of the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the restoration of full Iraqi sovereignty. And she told him the Information Office of the block yesterday: »We hope that the national political forces that are at the forefront of celebrating the occasion of the withdrawal of the last American soldier from the Iraq and restore full sovereignty over its land, and being awarded its independence without any tutelage of Foreign Affairs «. and called:» that this will be an opportunity for solidarity and cohesion among political forces and work in good faith to build a democratic Iraq, an institutional unified the possibility of the violence and terrorism «. and stressed: »that the next stage requires politicians that reflect a rosy picture of Iraq unified reflected positively on the Iraqi public, which today is in dire need of unifying ranks against external and internal challenges «. In the same context, the Secretary-General of the coalition of the sons of Iraq, those who care about Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi civil society organizations and all Iraqis to come out marched on Friday to celebrate the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, supporting Iraqi security forces. He said in a statement to «Nina»: »The day of the withdrawal of U.S. occupation should be a national day for all Iraqis in every inch of this country, which is well worth to cross the the public for their support and support for the Iraqi security forces and support the national government «. He said:» We hope that Iraqis celebrated next Friday each in his province «, indicating that the possibility of the provinces that was hard to get out in the rallies to come representatives to participate in the mass rally in Tahrir Square. In the context of irrelevant called Kazim-Shammari MP from the bloc and white Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide a logical explanation for the large number of staff and workers in the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Al-Shammari said in a press release: »This American presence heavy and too much of a shows that there is something arranged his administration in the future «. He added:» that the U.S. presence in the capitals of the five permanent Security Council members that control the future of the nations political, and major industrial countries that control the world economy, not exceed a few hundreds of employees, which raises the question about the reason for the presence of more than 15 thousand workers in U.S. embassy in Iraq, which is one of the developing countries «. He stressed that this matter requires that the Iraqi Foreign Balastaidah of the State Department.