Talabani calls for "saving" of the Iraq crisis
20/12/2011 20:26

Erbil, 20 December / December (Rn) - Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Tuesday to "calm" conditions and "save" the country from the crisis after a day of warnings by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani of the collapse of the political process in Iraq.

In conjunction with the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops from Iraq intensified the political struggle between Maliki and his rivals in the fragile agreement to share power.
As the escalation of divisions on the back of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and isolate the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq from office.
The Iraqi judiciary issued on Monday an arrest warrant for al-Hashemi after being accused of involvement in the implementation of armed attacks against security personnel and officials.
A warrant that is fueling sectarian tensions in Iraq following the withdrawal of U.S. troops as the agreement puts the fragile power-sharing in the risk.
Hashemi, denied in a press conference in Arbil, the charges against him and he can easily refute after he questioned the sincerity.
Talabani said during his meeting with the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, in Sulaimaniya in a statement issued by his office that he should "resort to dialogue to resolve political problems and sensitive issues and prevent the escalation of the situation and aggravation in this circumstance."

Being politicians, senior Iraqi talks with al-Maliki and other leaders to contain the situation for fear of exacerbating the crisis that could push Iraq back into the midst of sectarian unrest.

Hashemi and demanding the transfer of the investigation with regard to the concerns addressed to the Kurdistan region to ensure the "integrity" of the judiciary. But the judicial authorities in Baghdad rejects this and says that he must be tried before the judge who issued the arrest warrant.
He called on Talabani - who believed the arrest warrant encroachment on the prestige of the presidency - to "make efforts to calm the situation and save the country from crises and tragedies."

This comes a day after the warning launched by Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani of the collapse of the political process in the country and called for the urgent convening of a conference involving all political forces to address the crisis.

He asked Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, two days before the Iraqi Council of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the al-Mutlaq, on the basis that he lacked confidence in the political process.

In contrast, Allawi, Talabani called for action to "heal the rift in this sensitive stage ... for consultation and communication in resolving the political situation to ensure the normalization of relations and joint work between the political parties."

Earlier Tuesday called on the Iraqi government led by Maliki to an expanded meeting to discuss the current situation in the country.