Hints of the importance of Iraq's accession to the WTO

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
A number of experts and those concerned with the economic importance of accession to the WTO, because of their positive results will accrue to the development in all sectors, and stressed the need to work towards activating economic sectors in order to provide the necessary conditions to join under the umbrella of this organization, which regulates the business of major blocks economic in the world.
Economist Ahmed Kadhim said that accession to the WTO requires among other processors of the reality of production and development in the country, particularly the proportions of the contribution of the agricultural sector, industrial and transport sectors and services in GDP fell to its lowest levels after they are no less than 30 per cent in cooled in the eighties last century and now we note that the rate of more than 93 percent of gross domestic product comes from oil revenues.
Kazim said «it must be noted that the Iraqi economy faces many challenges and complex, must be addressed rationally and consistent steps and programmed to be able to join».
He noted that the most important challenges is in the legislation of laws that govern goods and services to Iraq and consumer protection laws and control the dumping of the market, organization of tax policy, as well as directing fiscal policy to raise the proportion of investment and reduce public spending as much as possible, and to accelerate the construction of infrastructure and the attributes of high efficiency solving the electricity crisis in investment away from the routine, he said, saying «Add to start working through the scientific plan and a clear and quick lead to support for the industrial sector by entering a first stage, a partner with the mixed sector and is later retrieved amounts of support from the profits of that company after the modernization of production and improve the quality of the product ». stressed Kazim on the need to use international expertise to the industry, as well as providing support to the private sector through laws and legislation with the allocation of some funds in support of the industry, and support the agricultural sector and to develop an urgent plan for the return of farmers to cultivate their land and investment products and provision of seeds, fertilizers and agricultural machinery and equipment and supplies of agricultural production. as he emphasized the economic expert Nazim Ugaili need to be in government economic policy is clear, the phases stimulate the economy and create the infrastructure and then move to the production of active and continuing to raise the material returns at the end of the transition to the final stage, which includes the broad development and diversification of sources of production and raise the level of services , we define it so the country is prepared to enter the World Trade Organization. said Ugaili's (news) that «the work currently requires the plan to cover the details of all stages of development that must be adopted by the country, under the schedule is final and in real earnest, as well as training and rehabilitation of young people unemployed according to well thought out plans to accommodate them distributed among the sectors of agriculture, industry and services in coordination with the private sector, and banking policy guidance and direction to suit the investment needs of the country and is consistent with fiscal policy and enhance the productive capacity of society ». Economic expert, Dr.. Kamal Al-Basri said (news) that «the entry hguvhr organization runs the benefits are many, suffice to note that more than 150 countries of the largest blocs of the global economic fall under the umbrella of the Organization, and a collection of other States in case of waiting for», and added visual that «States that as long as the closed windows of the economic (protection of the product local), the exposed suddenly to the pressures of globalization once displays its industry and its products for the damage, and aware of the situation has allowed the organization of the States that are in the process of entry of the number of exemptions and allowances, noting that these allowances are not in the interest of Member States, and it is done through meetings and rounds of discussion and hard multiple to achieve the ability to take advantage of these allowances, depending on factors including the political and the other depends on the bargaining power, the situation of political states affecting the resolution (like the United States of America) has a big role in the entry or to block the entry of the Organization . He pointed to the importance of diagnosis and the reality of the Iraqi economy, including help and results can be achieved and will help to enter Iraq to FAO, to a large extent of development in the productive sectors.