President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq calls for national conference

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Monday night to hold a national conference urgently "to avoid the political process from collapse." The statement attributed to the Office of the Presidency to Barzani's Kurdistan region say that what happened Sunday in Baghdad airport, in dealing with senior officials, including Vice President of the Republic "is a matter of serious concern." Barzani said that the protection of security and stability, "the responsibility of everyone," emphasizing the importance of cooperation to prevent "without any security vacuum after the withdrawal of U.S. forces." He added that at the time should not cooperate with terrorism, "it may not be the politicization of the security side, or exploited for other purposes, but should be left to the judiciary to settle it, and made a ruling," according to the quoted statement, Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Arbil, Abdel Hamid Zebari.