12/19/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Riyadh - Sami Al-Othman - Middle talking with Dr. Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi prime minister, former leader of the Iraqi bloc, is emotional, not to mention you are talking with an attractive personality and his rich experience and rich in the Iraqi political scene , as well as striking at the roots Arobeth .. On the occasion of the Summit of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States, was for "the East" Saudi Arabia published on December 19, 2011 which reads as follows: * How do you aspire to the top of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States, to be held in Riyadh, particularly with regard to the Iraqi file? - Iraq is in a critical condition and accurate He is also many years ago, but now at a crossroads, it is recognized that the safety and the strength and stability of Iraq is in the safety of the region and its stability, and vice versa, there is, in my view an important issue to be the leaders of the GCC - who definitely care about the interests of Iraq and concern to them the interests of the state region all - discussion and access to adoption, and this issue is divided into two parts: the first part, the current phase, is in helping Iraq and its people and the forces of moderation in which to promote responsibility in its entirety for the construction of stability and security in Iraq. The second is the medium term to achieve the Cooperation Council Partnership strategy with Iraq after settling down and balance the political process. * How do you assess the role of Saudi Arabia led by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to heal the rift in the Arab political scene and Iraq in particular? - Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Saudi leadership was among the first to support the forces of the Iraqi people, and the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz - God rest his soul - is the first to propose the Iraqi opposition forces and the formation of a national Iraqi government in Iraqi Kurdistan in the mid-nineties, and His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, his previous positions and current in supporting Iraq and its people. I may mention here, the Kingdom of his wise leadership coincided with the Government of Iraq when I was president have to replace the multinational forces troops to a private Islamic of the United Nations and led by an Islamic so that these forces are aware of the traditions, values ​​and norms prevailing in Mesopotamia, as well as, the love of Iraq is in the hearts of our brothers in the Kingdom, and there was full cooperation and full understanding about the unity of the situation in the fight against terrorism and access to Iraq's stability and thus the region. * absurd and creative chaos that drive by Iran to the region How do you see? - no creative chaos, chaos is chaos, and Iran, unfortunately, took interfere in the internal affairs and this is not acceptable just as Iran has no desire to intervene on the or the State in its internal affairs, Iraq, which intervenes when Iran is the other does not wish in this matter, which we see its consequences in many areas of Riqatna geography, especially in Iraq. * conditions that have passed the State of Kuwait, including the change prime minister, dissolve the National Assembly, which is due causes, as everyone knows, to the blatant interference of Iran in the tissue of Kuwait; how to see your country? - I call for a strategic partnership with Iraq, Yemen, Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Kuwait, which is part of the Cooperation Council, and in hindsight the dust, this will enhance the power of and immunity to this area, which you can then put new rules of relations with all neighbors, particularly Iran and Turkey, neighboring Muslim, according to two basic, first is the non-interference in internal affairs, and exposure to the rule, and the second is the common economic interests and balanced, which is based on the elements of connectivity and free trade between these countries. * How does your state sleeper cells Iran cultivated in the region, how serious and how to address them? - the answer, as I said to set rules of sound relations between states on the one hand, immunization of states and societies of any breakthroughs serious laid the foundation and securing strategic relationships. * All Parties Iraq's good that you want to agree on your person in your capacity as the most prominent Iraqi political scene as a result of your experience-rich and rich in Iraqi politics and policy in general .. Do not you think that indiscriminate war you become a phenomenon of the Warriors success, who do not want Iraq to do? - Thank you, and I am proud of the confidence of fellow Arabs Bash_khasa, and proud of the confidence of a popular Iraqi me, and God willing will not disappoint my parents and my brothers in the Arab countries and Iraq, including in my performance of political Whatever the pressures pathetic and malicious. * Maliki and by imposing the resolution of political and individual, where that could lead Iraq that? - The composition of the political process is wrong, unfortunately contributed to the United States do so unless the altered paths of the political process and return to reality and the reality of Iraq and the adoption of the state's prompt which is not based on quotas, regional and corruption; will not achieve stability. * Is it possible to say that the Iraqi bloc part, right when I put confidence in the agreement is clearly defined with Massoud Barzani, on the grounds that there is no real guarantees you can set limits to the space that is manipulated by al-Maliki and as he wishes ? - of breach of the situation is the international consensus with the will of Iran out of fear or recognition, not the brother Massoud or other of the brothers, but nice of them committed to and supported by Iran. * After the U.S. withdrawal how will the situation in Iraq, and is it going to more chaos, especially since the the only player in the arena of Iran without the others? - the Cooperation Council and the Iraqi people to carry the United States and the international community the responsibility of political and moral, and emphasize the need to reform the situation in Iraq, and America continues to have important papers that wanted to reform the situation and help the Iraqis achieve the balance of the political process. * you can say you Tnaazeltm for your right to constitutional in light after you for the Iraqi arena, but only to control? - I would not be an observer, I Mtsd, God willing, all that is harmful to Iraq and the region, it is religious and that is my fate and thankfully. * is almost certain that Iran is trying to hard Astqtabkm, trying to harness all the intermediaries in this matter, but they failed to form and content how do you see that? - Iran could polarizing and others of the leaders of the region the adoption of the way brotherly constructive and non-interference in internal affairs and the adoption of the relations of balanced and common interests, otherwise can not be attracted . * Do you think that the Iraqi List, continues to enjoy influence and power in this stage, especially as there are signs of dissent within the list? - no split in this sense, there is a multiplicity of views, and there is a unified position, and I see that the national project is progress despite the war harsh waged against the project and against me personally. * ask for early elections and the withdrawal of confidence in this exceptional situation with Iraq, it will facilitate it or compounded? - early elections according to the Office of fair elections and the law of parties, balanced and election law clearly will lead to improved conditions in Iraq for sure. * Initiative Maliki on the situation painful witnessed by the Syrian people you come in the Iranian agenda that you want to circumvent any project that can weaken the Syrian regime, or is the issue comes within the marketing Maliki himself? - Required from al-Maliki and others take the initiative to Iraqis before anything else, and that fix the situation in Iraq before heading to Syria to resolve the crisis, which has become a very serious crisis.

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