Wealth of Iraq could reach $ 400 billion annually through 2018
12.18.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

(news) report said the UN mission in Iraq for the International Organization of the United Nations launched the Global Compact network in Iraq, Makdta that the launch was organized within the program prepared by the United Nations for economic development and Social Commission for creating a favorable environment for the start of private sector companies within the principles outlined by the UN to highlight its role in the next stage. The specialist programs in the United Nations Development Aruna Rochenyan (for the Agency news) on Sunday: that the tools through the launch of the network, which consists of ten principles which recognized internationally and that support and initiate a set of fundamental values ​​in the areas of human rights and standards of work and the environment and the fight against corruption, she said that in the application of these principles there will be a strengthening of the role of these companies in the economic and social development and create competition among the companies that will be part of a global network in Europe and the Middle East. and officials expect the Iraqi network to increase the proceeds of Iraqi wealth by the year two thousand and eighteen to four hundred billion U.S. dollars. The representative of the network of the International Charter in Iraq, Abdel-Hamid ornaments (of the Agency news of the sons) that Iraq is on the verge of wealth or revenue of the great wealth may up to $ 400 billion during the year 2018, indicating that the community will come forward and will need a designee, a private sector, adding that the Iraqi network is now a partner of the international networks of other countries of the world that has become their number some 16,500 companies worldwide in more than 140 countries. Charter and principles imposed by the International Charter was welcomed by the private sector companies who see him as a guarantor of their rights, says Managing Director of the company dormitory agricultural Sarmad Moez religion Qazwini (of the Agency news of the sons), the Charter guarantees to business owners not to manipulate with each other, stressing that if the United Nations in this Charter and any damage was caused to any company Fbalamkan demand that the United Nations, which is the highest policy in the world to enter as is borne by the principles and application of the Charter. but to ensure the rights of companies, according to experts requires the government to enact laws that would guarantee the rights of Iraqi factor in the private sector, at least such Maeetmta by public sector employees, as it shows an economist and human rights, "Said Yassin" (the news) that is supposed to be a law to work, which is part of the conditions or from within the targets that are supposed to achieve, noting that the labor law has to do with the private sector and private sector management, adding that the state must initiate these laws that would end the pressure on the government to provide jobs for the unemployed and the private sector will play this role but to ensure social including enjoyed working in the public sector. Despite the fact that the World Charter of the United Nations which was launched in the world in a thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine ensures several principles relating to human rights, transparency and labor standards and the environment in the work of private sector companies to participate and the organization has, but he will not be as a watchdog on the work of these companies as it will be a mediator between the private and public companies.

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