No secret agreements between the political blocs and the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil on the way to resolve

Shaways chaired a coordination meeting of officials of the Kurds in Baghdad ...


Presided over the Rose Nuri Shaways Deputy Prime Minister in Baghdad held a coordination meeting for members of parliament, ministers, chairpersons and deputy ministers, directors general Kurds were at the meeting to explain the perspective of the political leadership of Kurdistan and its assessment of the political situation in the country's current and understandings of Interior between the Kurdish parties and the position of the issues due the solution between the governments of the Federal and the region, led by Article 140 of the constitution and denied MP Abbas al-Bayati, the National Alliance and the existence of any agreement or a confidential document between the National Alliance or the rule of law with other political blocs.

In the same context, MP Kurdistan Alliance, Qasim Muhammad Qasim said the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil on its way to the solution, adding that Article 140 of the Constitution was at the top of the points (23) concluded that alliances between national and Kurdistan in Erbil Convention.