Talk about scary figures allocated to the three presidencies in the new budget
17/12/2011 - 18:32 | Hits: 17

Baghdad / justice
At a time when the government announced in the budget deficit next year and confirmed that it seeks not to increase the salaries of retirees and employees talked frightening news for allocations for the three presidencies Knthreyat and expenses.
Revealed Deputy for the Liberal bloc parliamentary that 40% of the balance of public finances for 2012 allocated to the presidencies of three. Said Rep. Maha league in a press statement quoted that "only the share of the three presidencies and Nthreyadtha accounted for 40% of the financial budget of the State in 2012, so we call this reduction in ratio and reducing the structural government spending, the state as well as reducing or eliminating Alaivadat or to be at the expense of the receiving State. "and added that" the government spending a large and most differences and the gap of a class in the economic and living conditions between the community where he has now some officials of four houses or more and the processions of protections and the expenses are borne by the government and even expenses of their families and restoration of their homes, "noting that" the prose one of the three presidencies of millions of dollars. "and followed the league that" to cut costs will give us at least more than a thousand dollars to each Iraqi citizen per year, but unfortunately we see the government today to deal double and double Bmacaialiyn When you see spending is not in the interest of ignoring it, and vice versa, so we call on them to take the matter into consideration and not to ignore the rights of citizens to improve their standard of living and the elimination of unemployment and improve services so as to provide a free and decent. "The House of Representatives began on Thursday to discuss the budget that The Cabinet had approved in [5] December, the current amount of [117] trillion dinars, an increase of [22%] from last year. Meanwhile, the Cabinet decided in its session routine of [54] to postpone the application of the laws of the salaries and allowances of the three presidencies until the Council of Ministers to submit a draft law amending the laws in question. A statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that "the Council of Ministers decided to postpone the application of laws on the salaries of the three presidencies to while adjusting salaries and allowances of the presidency and the prime minister and the parliament." "The Ministry of Finance will continue to work regardless salaries and allowances of staff who are the rank of minister and heads of non-related ministries, deputy ministers, advisers and those with special grades and candidates for appointment to the competent authorities. "