Waiting for travel Najafi: Maliki begins a road map for the U.S. political process grafts
17/12/2011 18:44

Baghdad / Orr News

An informed source was accompanied by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during his visit to the United States of America, Washington suggested to him a new road map "slightly less than the obligation" to its mass and the Iraqi list, the grafting of the political process that has become fragile and shaky because of the differences.
The source said that "the American version is the first stage to end the role and power of the armed militias involved in the political process and those that were opposed to the former, especially after it showed most of the militias, armed opposition willingness to engage in the political process after the withdrawal."

He pointed out that "al-Maliki even begin Balkharth new and meeting the large blocs of political will wait until the travel of the Speaker and leader of the Iraqi List, Osama Najafi, with a delegation representative to Belgium, a third visit to him after the United States and Britain to rally support for the position of the
Iraqi Sunni," he said that
"Najafi is about to become president of the Iraqi bloc substitute for Ayad Allawi, who raised the hand with him a few days ago because of an undisclosed dispute between him and the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia." According to the source is expected to accept the other bloc, including Maliki, of the proposals because it was an envelope with the approval of the request form to be two big blocs.