British efforts to encourage U.S. investment in Iraq after the withdrawal
SATURDAY, JANUARY 17 / 1 DECEMBER 2011 15:19 HITS: 142

Twilight News / according to British reports, Saturday, with intensive efforts of the British and U.S. governments to encourage investment in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces, indicating the need for all sectors of the Iraqi economy to rebuild.

According to British newspaper the Financial Times that "the British and U.S. governments both stepped up their efforts to encourage investment in Iraq by sending trade delegations to Baghdad high-level conferences and trade, after the U.S. withdrawal from there."

She said that "the United States withdraw from Iraq after nearly nine years spent in which a trillion dollars and lost 4487 soldiers along with 179 British soldiers, leaving the spoils broad economic of the country to the countries did not support and did not participate in the US-led invasion in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein."

The newspaper reported that "U.S. companies and the British had won lucrative contracts early in the oil and gas sectors, but the investments of the two countries were modest outside the energy sector, as expressed by Iraqi officials expressed disappointment with the lack of interest in the private sector in the two countries in investment outside the oil sector and gas in Iraq. "
The newspaper quoted a former British diplomat Carney Ross as saying that "Iraqis are now keen to establish economic relations with countries like Iran, which was considered an enemy before, but now has become a business partner."

Rossi said, "This means that Iraq has committed itself in the region, and in the case of the neo-conservatives in Washington had hoped to obtain advantage for U.S. companies in the long run, it has proved them wrong."
According to the paper that "all sectors of the Iraqi economy needs to rebuild, from housing and industry to telecommunications, financial services, in order to restore basic services to the country."

The rate of trade exchange between Washington and Baghdad has seen a remarkable increase during the last five years, with total exports and imports about $ 75 billion by 15 billion annually.

It is said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has called on Washington to representatives of U.S. companies to invest in Iraq, pointing to improved security conditions and that the companies are directed from the helm of the future in Iraq, not the generals.