Maliki is moving to resolve the candidates of Defense and the Interior of Parliament
17/12/2011 20:15

Baghdad / Orr News
MP Ehsan Yassin for a coalition of state law that "there is a tendency to the Prime Minister to resolve the security ministries candidates within two weeks in preparation for the post after the U.S. withdrawal from the country."
He explained that "the mass of the National Alliance in general and the state of law in particular are facing difficulty in dealing with the components of Iraq's divided," pointing out that "the components of the Iraqi is consistent with its leaders, and when presenting their candidates for the office of the Ministry of Defense come up against the refusal of certain components of the filter, which blocked the nomination incompetent candidates enjoy general acceptance. "

He hinted at the existence of "plans to raise the final names to parliament in the coming days for a vote," adding that the owners "are known by everyone and enjoy the experience and efficiency." He stressed that "the decision of parliament would be al-Faisal in finding a solution to the crisis."

A source in the "Iraqi National Alliance," The proposed candidates are and Tawfiq al-Faleh Al-Fayad of the "Alliance" for the inner bag, and Saadoun al-Dulaimi, "coalition of the center" to the defense portfolio.
The "Iraqi" were 5 candidates for the defense portfolio are former Interior Minister Jawad Bolani, Abdullah al-Jubouri and Bakr al-Obeidi and Salem Farm Daly and Naqib.

The source added that "there are former officers in the list can be defense ministers successful because of the military background and experience in this area does not want its president to pay attention to them, such as Vice Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defence Parliamentary Gen. former Alexander and berries, and Major General Hamid al-Mutlaq, and Major General Abdul-Khader Mahdi al-Khafaji, and Major General Juma, Tut. "