Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Kirkuk Arabs reproach Iraqiya leader Allawi

Though Kirkuk Arabs voted for Iraqiya list during elections, they did not appreciate head of the List Iyad Allawiís visits to Erbil. Kirkuk Arabs accused Allawi explicitly of compromising with Kurds over their province in favor of his personal interests. Kirkuk Arabs supported the firm stand of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Malikií regarding Kirkuk and oil and gas law.

Arab Political Councilís accusations to Allawi were pushed further as the councilís members blamed him for trying to unsettle the country by sticking to the national strategic policy council. Allawi was accused as well of taking personal stands without consulting with heads of political parties within Al Iraqiya List.

Arab Political Councilís accusations targeted as well the central government in Baghdad which it blamed for its weak role in kirkuk. The council demanded not to execute the remaining items of Constitution Article 140 and reveal declared and undeclared agreements.

Arab Political Councilís members urged Iraqis to pressure political parties before engaging in new negotiations. The councilís members called to resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil, regarding power sharing and positions distribution among parliamentary blocs.

Iraqiya list MPs justified Kirkuk Arabsí accusations as an attempt to blame Iraqiya leaders for revealing secret deals between Kurdistan Alliance and State of Law coalition. Iraqiya MPs said that they have charged the listís leaders to negotiate over the issue of disputed regions.

Iraqiya list accused Kurdistan Alliance and State of Law Coalition of seeking to conclude secret deals regarding disputed areas and oil and gas law, while trying to sap the national strategic policy council.

Concluding deals on the expense of public interest has come to an end, the National Coalition argued. Kurdistan Alliance on the other hand believes that accusations about secret deals with National coalition reflect a clear dislike towards any rapprochement between the two parties.