Central Bank announces the "national key" to facilitate the payment system and instruments in Iraq
On: Sat 12/17/2011 8:20

Baghdad (news) ..
Central Bank of Iraq announced the start of the national key project that deals with the introduction of modern technologies in the banking system by facilitating the work and payment instruments in Iraq. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement to the Agency (news) on Saturday: that the central bank is working hard to introduce modern technologies in the Iraqi banking system through the use of electronic devices to facilitate the work of payments and instruments between Iraqi banks within a project called key national levels. Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!
And the benefit is that this project is an electronic device inventor called "Qassim national" works to facilitate the withdrawal of money fast and brief for people who have credit in Iraqi banks of any bank they want within this device instead of going to the bank, which filed it be trusted , for the purpose of the payments system and facilitate the exchange of instruments between banks in Iraq, in addition to the introduction of mobile technology to know the bank account and credit transfer through a collaboration with the mobile communications companies in Iraq. CAN WE SAY "VISA / DEBIT CARD"He added that a national Qassim managed by a company that specializes in this work for certain wages and are monitored by the Central Bank of Iraq to determine their performance and the extent of its capabilities and efficiency in the process of providing financial services to the citizen.
Saleh pointed out: that there is a local and international companies expressed their desire to manage this device will be announced soon for an international tender to enter the largest number of companies to choose the company efficient, which will manage the device, and continued after it is determined the company would be the formation of the national top consists of: representatives from Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance as well as banks and telecommunications companies to monitor and organize the work of this device for fear of differences in the process of drawing and performance.
The deputy governor of central bank monetary policy in Iraq continues, in the process of introduction of modern banking technologies and works invisibly with the help of international organizations and international institutions for the success of the plans for the development of the banking sector in Iraq, those of the U.S. Development and the World Bank and all other international organizations in countries friendly to Iraq.
In the period from (18 to 19) of the month of November of this year, the systems department development plan, the financial one section of the Central Bank conference Nqashiya in Istanbul to study the draft key national to facilitate dealings in credit cards and electronic cash Alale for the development of e-banking in Iraq.